The finishing touches that can perfect your DIY project

Finishing touches for DIY projects such as handles and knobs.

Sometimes, it’s the little details that can elevate your project. KBB journo Amanda Cochrane speaks to Plank Hardware‘s founders to find out how they’ve given the staid world of hardware a creative shot in the arm…

The hardware brand was born when owners Tom and Annie Revill discovered it was tricky to source cool and contemporary hardware – from handles to taps – at an affordable price. “That’s when I started designing my own interior details, and Plank Hardware was born,” says Tom, who developed a passion for the interiors industry when helping Annie to design her first flat.

Tom, who is the creative director and big picture guy, and Annie, who manages Plank’s finances and “soothes the cogs of the business”, quickly identified an opportunity to provide high-quality, design-led products that would help DIY enthusiasts create beautiful home renovations on a budget.

Pink walls and cupboards with gold hardware. There is a bllue painting on the walls and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
Plank Hardware’s products include everything from hooks and knobs to kitchen mixer taps. Photography: @itsnotsogrimupnorth.

“Our roles go hand-in-hand, enabling us to work together towards our mission,” explains Tom. He has worked on a few start-ups, including Toms Fudge and a furniture-making business, which evolved from designing pieces for Annie’s flat. “We want to inspire creativity through responsibly made, transformational design details, for interiors around the world.”

Aesthetically pleasing hardware

Plank Hardware has successfully tapped into the hectic and fast-moving online world of DIY and renovation projects. Its products include handles, hooks, knobs, internal door hardware and kitchen mixer taps. They are all designed to provide the perfect finishing touch to DIY projects.

Tom and Annie Revill from Plank Hardware, sitting side by side against a pastel pink wall
Tom and Annie Revill from Plank Hardware.
Dark kitchen design with gleaming brass hardware, dark countertops and shelves and light blue tiles.
Why not add personality to your DIY project with gleaming handles?

All about brass

Brass, it seems, is the material of the moment. And, unsurprisingly, the brand is incredibly popular among millennial and Gen Z renovators, who have an almost universal love of this finish. “Our bold brass finish has often been the go-to choice for our customers, but with more people looking to create nostalgic, comforting spaces, antique brass has stolen the limelight,” says Tom. “It adds a timeless touch to any modern space and with antique brass handles, hooks and even door lever handles, we’ve options for every project.”

Recently, many of the brass taps were marked sold out on Plank Hardware’s website, which was down to quality control, as Tom explains: “We hold high standards for our hardware. We had a cosmetic quality issue with our brass taps stock and the finish wasn’t up to the standards we’d like, so we worked to resolve the issue.”

Golden sink and pink-hued cabinetry against bright yellow wall.
Armstrong Grooved kitchen mixer tap in Antique Brass, £154.95.

“In 2024, we’re ditching straight edges all together,” declares Tom, who is planning to introduce more playful designs that will add a soft retro touch to kitchen cabinetry and upcycled furniture. “The absence of sharp angles and straight edges makes the pieces more versatile when it comes to their placement within a room.”

Looking to the future, Plank Hardware has ambitions to introduce new products and new categories – think chunky, 70s-inspired and characterful statement hardware – as well as boost their international presence.

Wooden kitchen worktop showcasing bowls with veggies, kitchen towel and platter of bread, steel ladles hanging from the wall, black shelf with jars and glasses, and cabinetry in pale yellow.
Plank Hardware is planning to replace straight edges with more retro designs and playful touches.

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