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What kitchen appliances you choose for your new design is as important as the cabinetry and worktops you pick. But, with so much tech and all the many different models and brands on the market – it can be overwhelming.

Which is why, for episode seven of series four of How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom podcast, we’ve tackled some of our most frequently asked kitchen appliance questions.

Not heard of it? How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom podcast is filled with practical advice. Plus there’s plenty of inspiration, new ideas and brilliant guests.

a kitchen appliance with reversible doors against a wooden backdrop and open shelving
With a total capacity of 558 litres and three freezer drawers finished in stainless steel, Hotpoint’s appliance also has reversible doors so it can be positioned in any corner.

Interior designers Beth Dadswell and Ros Wilson joined me for a third time this series to cover all your kitchen appliance questions.

From questions that cover the pros and cons of freestanding and built-in models to gas vs induction hobs. Plus, how to get the fridge-freezer ration right and the importance of extraction.

the Falmec Spazio hood kitchen appliance in an olive green kitchen with a marble cplashback
Falmec’s Spazio extractor doesn’t only whisk away food smells and steam – it also boasts a range of handy features and optional accessories, including shelves for utensils, space for growing herbs, USB ports, and even a clip-on tablet holder.

In their answers to kitchen appliance questions, Beth and Ros also reveal the tech they are trying to avoid in their projects. You wouldn’t believe what these include…

They also discuss how buying appliances currently isn’t as easy as it used to be. This is because lots of delays and shortages are affecting the industry. So, Ros and Beth give their top tips to help in these turbulent times.

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Featured image: The Generation 7000 range from Miele.

So, you know all about the answers to kitchen appliance questions. Why not read about how to buy kitchen appliances like a pro?

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