How to buy kitchen appliances like a pro in 10 easy steps

how to buy kitchen appliances

Beginning a new kitchen project is always exciting – be it a complete overhaul or a simple scheme refresh. And one key feature in planning a successful design is finding the right appliances for your kitchen kit, especially if you’re the chef of the family.

So, to help you discover how to buy kitchen appliances, journo Jill Morgan found the top ten steps to help you buy your appliances stress-free and with ease. Buckle up and grab a pen and some paper (or have your screenshot button ready) for plenty of tips and tricks, from how to allocate your budget to the after-sales care…

How to buy kitchen appliances

Look at your lifestyle first

First things first: take a close look at how you live. Do you and your family often sit down to eat together? Do you enjoy entertaining large groups? And do you love cooking and need the latest models on the market?

Our kitchens not only have to look good and be a pleasure to use, but their appliances need to step up too. So, make sure you study your lifestyle to discover which appliances you’ll benefit from most.

how to buy kitchen appliances
An induction hob with built-in extraction is a good choice for an island or peninsula unit. Serie 8 PXX875D67E 80cm induction venting hob, £3179, Bosch.

How to buy kitchen appliances

Consider your kitchen layout

The space you have available can directly influence the appliances you choose. So, start by measuring and drawing up a room plan, noting key points such as drainage outlets, windows, doors, and looking at how the kitchen area flows into the other rooms.

Then, open-plan spaces will not only need quiet dishwashers and washer-dryers. They’ll also need super-efficient extractors with a low decibel rating too. So, you need to check the noise level of models before you buy any kitchen appliances.

A general guide is to look for designs with a rating of less than 60dB, which is the average level of normal conversation. Look out for the Quiet Mark accreditation, too as these products have been tested and awarded the seal of approval for being sufficiently hush hush.

Neff Slide&Hide oven
A neat design with slide-under door plus added steam and multi cook zone technology make this oven a useful option in a busy home. It can also be controlled remotely through a smartphone, tablet or voice activated home hub. Built-in Slide&Hide oven with steam function, £1349, Neff.

How to buy kitchen appliances

Make them as efficient as possible

As well as looking good, your kitchen is essentially a working area, so it needs to be well organised. Also – above all – it should be really, really practical. The working triangle of hob, sink and fridge is key. This means that these three elements are roughly located at points of a triangle. This works no matter the shape and size of your room; however, if you’re short on floor space it’s time to get smart.

A bank of integrated appliances along one wall is a good way to make your limited floor area work harder. Don’t worry, there are some cleverly compact designs out there. Think freezer compartments within pull-out drawers or a drawer dishwasher.

how to buy kitchen appliances
Need a chiller for entertaining? Why not go for this smart, built in drawer, with five temperature settings – fridge, pantry, chill and wine. CoolDrawer, £2340, Fisher & Paykel. Photography: Shannon McGrath.

How to buy kitchen appliances

Allocate your budget

Dividing up the price of a kitchen project can be tricky. However, setting a realistic figure for each area – including cabinetry, labour, materials, and appliances – is key. A general rule of thumb is to allocate 10-20% of your budget to appliances, depending on the specification you want. However, if you’re a keen cook or are looking at the latest innovations, it’s better to set aside 40 or even 50% of your budget.

You may decide to invest a large portion of your budget on one stand-out appliance, like a range cooker or intelligent induction hob, and save on others to balance the books. If you need help with setting your budget, check Georgina‘s guide here.

Liebherr twin refrigerator with wine cabinet
If cooking and entertaining tops your wishlist, allocate plenty of space for storing fresh food and wine. SBS WGB 99i5 BioFesh twin refrigerator with a wine cabinet with dual cooling zones, £6749, Liebherr.
Do your research

Viewing the actual product will help you analyse the quality and finish. So, before you buy your appliances, it’s a good opportunity to pop by your local showroom to discover all its functions. Keep in mind that nowadays, you don’t even have to venture out of your home. Many appliance brands also provide appointments via video link, so have a browse online too.

As with any large investment, make sure you research each appliance type and the functions on offer and shop around to see products available at various price points before making your final decision. You can check our handy guide to buying specific appliances here.

how to buy kitchen appliances
Short on space and time? Go for a compact oven with pre-programmed recipes, WiFi controls and a steam clean function. HOC3H3158IN Collection 3 oven £279.99, Hoover.
Shop clever

Many online and store-based retailers will offer discounts, particularly on ex-display goods, and occasionally offer package deals for specific products. Some brands also have online clearance sections for discontinued models. But make sure you know exactly what you are buying, though, and look at the whole package on offer to see if any extras, installation costs, warranty, and delivery are included.

Indesit angled cooker hood
Weighing up which appliances to buy can be daunting, but energy efficiency and space-saving design are two factors that will pay off in the future. Aria angled cooker hood IHVP 6.6 LM K, from £199.99, Indesit.

How to buy kitchen appliances

Don’t be shy, order with confidence

Once you’ve decided on your product, placing an order is really straightforward. Time the delivery to fit in with any building work, so always liaise with your kitchen designer or project manager to get this right. They may be able to juggle the work order to accommodate the delivery date and ideally, ensure that installation can also take place simultaneously.

how to buy kitchen appliances
If your kitchen needs a bold focal point, it’s hard to beat a freestanding range cooker and chimney extractor. Go for a contemporary twist by choosing a striking shade such as this Kingfisher Teal. Richmond Deluxe 90cm dual-fuel range cooker, from around £2099, Stoves.

How to buy kitchen appliances

Plan for a stress-free delivery

On delivery day, try and ensure all access routes are clear and easy to negotiate. It’s worth protecting flooring and surfaces, particularly with the arrival of larger items, so you may have to invest in dustsheets and protective, self-grip plastic sheeting. Most products should not be stacked or stored on their sides, so make sure there is adequate space and they are kept well away from furry friends and children.

Everhot Range 0i in Pillar Box Red
A beautiful range cooker in a striking colour could be just the focal point your new kitchen needs. Range 90i in Pillar Box Red, £7365, Everhot.

How to buy kitchen appliances

Know what to expect at installation

Most retailers offer a fitting service, carried out either by trained in-house or subcontracted staff. Everyone should be appropriately insured, qualified, and registered to safely undertake the job and be able to issue an appropriate safety certificate on completion. Before work starts, establish how long the job is likely to take and the disruption that is going to be involved. You will also need to check if the fitters will remove and dispose of the old appliances.

how to buy kitchen appliances
Fancy an intelligent induction? Try the N 90 T59TS5RN0 induction hob hob, £1589, from Neff with its clever and removable TwistPad Fire control for flexible multi-zone cooking.

How to buy kitchen appliances

Lastly, take advantage of the after-sales care

Knowing what to do if there’s a problem with your appliance after installation will give you extra peace of mind. Your first point of contact should be with the retailer. They will be able to identify your concerns and organise for an engineer to visit.

If there is a fault, within a time scale usually specified on the warranty, a replacement will usually be offered. Warranties do vary according the brand, so it is worth shopping around before you buy your appliances. It’s also good to know that appliances in full working order cannot be returned once they are fitted.

Siemens integrated dishwasher
If space and efficiency are key, go for a smart, integrated design. Siemens‘ latest integrated dishwasher features the energy reducing Zeolith Drying System. iQ700 SX878D26PE dishwasher, £1159.

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