The latest induction hobs: Modern designs for your kitchen

Induction hobs

Hobs… the battle between gas versus induction is still very much a hot debate. But if you’ve settled on the latter, you’ll be pleased to know there’s an abundance of designs to choose from. Think flexible cooking zones, smart control panels, integrated extractors and built-in timers. 

Induction hobs have plenty of benefits like precise control, fast heat-up zones and they are super easy to clean. Plus, their sleek and minimal designs give your kitchen an elegant feel and your worktop a flush look.  

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If you like a contemporary look and want worktops to be slick, an induction hob is a good option. However, keep in mind that you might need to go shopping for some new pans, and these designs might cost you a bit more than traditional gas hobs. 

Ready to take a look at the latest induction hobs? I’ve rounded up some of the latest designs to hit the market…

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Induction hobs
The NikolaTesla switch induction hob in white ceramic glass, £2,700, Elica, features a special valve which discharges any spilled liquid, to ensure maximum hygiene to your kitchen. Some of the functions include automatic heat up, child lock and safe activation, pot detector, temperature manager and power booster.
Smeg SIM662DW
The straight angled edges of the SIM662DW 60cm white glass induction hob, £999, Smeg, create a beautiful flush finish when mounted on top of a worktop or a kitchen island. Its functions include individual timers for each zone, automatic setting according to pan dimension, automatic switch off when overheating, and 9 Power levels, with quick setting.
induction hobs
The P904IBHNE 90cm induction hob with integrated ventilation, £2,999, Bertazzoni, allows you to choose from 9 power levels with boosters on all zones for even faster cooking, and it has two bridge zones to make cooking even more flexible. Plus, it has a quiet six speed hood to ensure ventilated air during and after cooking.
Whirlpool SmartCook
For perfectly cooked dishes use the 6TH SENSE intelligent sensors of the SMP 778/C/NE/IXL SmartCook induction hob with assisted cooking function, £999, Whirlpool, which detect the pot’s temperature, adjusting it according to the programme selected. Its Chef Control function divides the hob into three or four cooking zones, and activates them simultaneously at a pre-set power level. 
Induction hobs
KitchenAid‘s KHIAF 10900 gourmet induction hob with intuitive sensor technology, £1,500, is built with 10 burners working independently, which allows you to cook with plenty of pots and pans at the same time. This one’s ideal if you have a big family, or love to entertain.
Miele FlexControl
The KM 7999 FL FlexControl induction hob, £4,599, from Miele offers nine power levels and 23 assisted programmes with pre-set temperatures for meat, fish, eggs, side dishes, snacks and sweets. Plus, it can also be operated via the Miele@mobile app – how cool?
induction hobs
The Fisher & Paykel 90cm 5 zone induction cooktop CI905DTB3, priced £1,000, with a dual zone and SmartZone gives you a spacious cooking area. The integrated timer keeps you on track and the Touch&Slide feature allows you to go from a boil to a simmer in seconds.
Siemens iQ700
The Siemens iQ700 EZ977KZY1E 90cm studioLine induction hob, priced £3,999, gives you complete flexibility to cook anywhere without the restriction of predefined zones and to change the power level in five steps by simply moving the saucepans around on the hob. 
Induction hobs
The Miele KM7679 FR induction hob comes with it’s very own CookAssist app with a selection of 30-minute mouth-watering recipes to choose from, all accessible via a smartphone or tablet, priced £2,499.
AEG HK604200IB
The AEG HK604200IB electric induction hob, £579.99, heats only the pan instead of than the surface, which reduces energy waste and gives you much easier control over the heat.
induction hobs
Forget about smells and vapour with the Novy UP Power Domino induction hob (2 zones) and Domino induction wok, which features a central ventilation tower too, £4,499, for quick extraction.
Bosch Serie 8
The Serie 8 PXX875D34E 80cm induction venting hob with perfectAir sensor, £3180, Bosch, combines their latest technologies of induction cooktops and cooker hoods in a single appliance. Cook your food to perfection and leave the kitchen smelling fresh with this smart function.
induction hobs
Stoves ST H2H HIT601 60cm induction hob has four bridgeable Link+ cooking zones, allowing cooking across multiple areas, perfect for griddles or larger pans priced around £569. Additional features include touch controls boost function, digital power display and easy clean surface. 
Hotpoint black glass
The Hotpoint black glass 60 cm induction hob has four cooking zones and benefits from the Flexi Space function, which enables the two cooking zones on the left hand side of the hob to be combined and used as one, to accommodate large pots., priced at £399.99.
induction hobs
This 90cm induction hob in black glass with a bevelled trim priced at £859, has been designed to complement Rangemaster’s Eclipse built-in range of appliances, with five zones for cooking including premium modes for melting chocolate at 40 degrees and keeping warm at 50 degrees. 

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