The latest hobs with extractors to buy for your new kitchen

a hob with extractor in a kitchen with two stainless steel pans containing food steaming on top of it

So, you’re in the market for a new hob – but how do you choose? After all, there’s so much choice out there, from classic designs to state-of-the-art induction hobs, including the latest extractor hobs.

But before we come to the latest hobs with extractors, you have to settle the question of what type of hob you’re going for. Gas? Induction? A combination of the two?

The latest innovation in induction hobs is also one of the most popular kitchen features you can now get your hands on. I am, of course, talking about a hob with integrated downdraft extractor. Sounds nifty, right?

Apart from looking super elegant, a hob with extractor also has the benefit of not obstructing any sight lines, which makes them ideal for an island.

Plus, as extractor hobs draw grease and any odours straight from the source (rather than letting them rise up first), unpleasant smells don’t even get the chance to linger. Clever, right? Not to mention incredibly useful in open-plan spaces – you don’t want this particular leftover from dinner to overstay its welcome while you and your guests kick back on the sofa.

But with so many different types of extractor hob out there, what is actually available?

Here are some of the latest models I’ve spotted…

a hob with extractor in a kitchen with two stainless steel pans containing food steaming on top of it
The latest hobs with extractors: An induction hob with built-in extractor is the best of both worlds when it comes to keeping things slick. Sensors in Bosch‘s Serie 8 PXX875D67E 80cm induction venting hob automatically adjust the power level of the extractor, so you always get the most efficient setting for your cooking. It also has PerfectCook, a sensor that allows you to control the temperature of liquids inside a pot or pan without having to use the controls – no more boiling over! Plus, the hob can tell you when it’s time to change its filter by sending you a notification through the Home Connect app. It is priced £3179.
the Smeg HOBD482D cooker with a frying pan and pot billowing steam out on top of it
The latest hobs with extractors: Smeg’s HOBD482D, £1899, is an extractor and hob combination. It has an easy-to-use LED slider control for all four flexible zones, which you can convert into two large Multizones. It also includes automatic pot detection.
a hob with extractor in a kitchen with two stainless steel pans containing food on top of it. There is a ladder leaning against wall cupboards in the background
Good ventilation is key when cooking in an open space, so opt for a smart induction hob with an extractor. ONE Pro vented downdraft induction hob, £3299, Novy.

More gorgeous models for a truly sleek kitchen

the Neff TwistPad Fire control cooktop built into a beige stone kitchen island, with assorted accessories around it including plants, utensils, food and chopping boards
Fancy an intelligent hob? Try the N 90 T59TS5RN0 induction hob, £1589, from Neff. It has a clever and removable TwistPad Fire control for flexible multi-zone cooking.
a hob with extractor in yellow worktop in a kitchen with two black pans containing chicken and vegetables steaming on top of it. There is a chopping board featuring pak choi to the right of it and two salt and pepper shakers to the left
The Bora X Pure, from £3096, is a stylish induction hob with an integrated recirculation and downdraft extraction unit that adjusts automatically to the ventilation level needed. It offers four oversized cooking zones and fits flush to the worktop, or you can surface mount it.
the Elica Nikolatesla FIT cooktop in a beige worktop featuring a stainless steel pan on top of it and some bowls with food in to the right
Elica has launched its first standard-sized extraction induction hob – the Nikolatesla FIT, from £1850. It comes in 60cm and 72cm widths, but both fit into 60cm base cabinets. Plus, its high-performance ceramic filters capture up to 80% of cooking fumes.
a hob with extractor in a kitchens set into a white worktop with dark walnut cabinetry beneath it
The latest hobs with extractors: The iQ700 EX877LX67E studioLine 80cm venting induction hob from Siemens, £3249. It has a flexInduction cooking area, meaning you can either use separate zones or link them together for large pans. It also has flexMotion technology, which remembers the heat setting for individual pans. So if you move a pot from one zone to the other, the hob automatically switches to the right temperature. Plus, the Wifi-enabled hob can communicate with Siemens’ Home Connect app. For example, it will send you a notification when it’s time to change the filter.

Even more exquisite hobs with extractors

the CDA HNE8 cooktop set into a stone worktop with a steaming stainless steel pan on top of it containing spaghetti
The latest hobs with extractors: CDA’s HNE8 extraction hob, £1947. Offering a whole host of functions, it’s suitable for any type of cooking. A safety key lock ensures the hob can’t be switched on accidentally, but can also be used to prevent accidental temperature changes when in use. The small object detection works in a similar way. If a towel or cutlery is left on the control panel, the hob will shut off. It offers nine power levels and four extractor speeds.
a hob with extractor in a kitchen set into a stone worktop with white cabinetry. There are five limes next to the cooker and bottles of olive oil and vinegar, as well as a bowl with salad
The latest hobs with extractors: Pando‘s E391 extraction hob, around £2095. With a maximum noise level of 60dB, it also has a slimline design. This which allows for drawers that are up to 50cm deep to be placed directly below. The bridging function enables you to link cooking zones, so you can use larger pans. Plus, it comes in three versions: one recirculating model and two ducted out designs. So you can find the one that suits your space best.
The Franke Mythos 2gether cooktop with many different bowls of foodstuffs around it such as garlic, red peppers and green peppers
The latest hobs with extractors: Franke‘s Mythos 2gether extraction hob, £2135. It features four flexible cooking zones with a flush-fitted enamelled cast-iron grille, so you can slide pans from A to B without obstruction. The extractor offers three speeds plus two intensive settings as well as low noise levels, thanks to a brushless motor.

Want to view more extractor hobs? Here’s how to find your perfect model.

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