House tour: Inside Little Big Bell’s dreamy pastel kitchen

Yes, yes yes. And yes. I am in love with pinks mixed with greens right now. There’s something so fresh, yet calming about the combo. And the house of Geraldine Tan – aka Instagram’s Little Big Bell – is ticking all my sorbet-coloured boxes. Especially her pastel kitchen, with it’s shaker-style doors and cabinet-like wall units. Here, I ask Geraldine all about the space and all about those signature shades.

What was your previous kitchen like, and why did you decide to have it redone?
“My previous kitchen was all white and very contemporary. I’ve had it for around 10 years and felt it was time for a change. I live in a Victorian house with both period features and modern elements. I felt that my previous kitchen didn’t fit in with this style of my home. I’ve always wanted a Shaker-style kitchen, and Howden‘s chilcomb paintable kitchen ticked the box for that period yet modern feel. Even better, I could paint it in the colours I love, that would be in keeping with the decor in the rest of my house.”

pastel kitchen

What was your brief to the kitchen company? Did you have any musts or absolutely nots?
“I’ve been frustrated with not being able to showcase some of my beautiful crockery, or even just to create a warm homely feel. My previous white kitchen felt clinical and I wanted to inject some life into that space. For the new kitchen, I knew I wanted display shelving and so decided on glass cabinets either side of the central cooker. So, I asked for a dresser cabinet look, with the shelving units brought right down to the work surfaces. One of the regrets of my last kitchen was not having a central Island. I wanted one for my new kitchen, so it could be that hub for family and friends to gather around. Also, it creates additional work surface, after losing some to the dresser shelving units.”

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“We recycled our old kitchen by selling it on. There are companies that will help you do that. The cost of your old kitchen may then help towards the cost of your new kitchen.”

Why did you choose these colours?
“I’ve always wanted a colourful kitchen that would fit in with the aesthetic and feel of my home. I’ve been frustrated that many kitchens come only in standard colours, all same-ish and playing ‘safe’. I colour matched the paint to two of my favourite art prints, which include mint and blush pink – my favourite colours. I kept the kitchen predominantly mint green, as that is also my husband’s favourite colour, and he is the main cook in the family.”

pastel kitchen

Did you have any preference on the appliances?
“I’ve had my eye on a rangemaster cooker for a while – my husband loves cooking with a gas stove – so that was a must. I also love that the rangemaster had two ovens, which would make cooking meals for large gatherings, especially during Christmas easy.”

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Now that it’s finished, how do you use the space? Is it everything you hoped?
“It’s such a multifunctional space. It’s a central hub for the family to gather during meals, a place to work, and to entertain. I love using the space for my styling work and photography projects too.”

Any advice for others thinking of redoing their kitchen?
“I’d say if you have outlived your kitchen then go for it. But, before embarking on the kitchen refurbishment, write down what you want to keep that works for you from your old kitchen ( in our case the layout), and also a list of wants that perhaps you’ve been dreaming of, in order of priority. We recycled our old kitchen by selling it on. There are companies that will help you do that. The cost of your old kitchen may then help towards the cost of your new kitchen.”

pale coloured kitchen

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