How to buy a washing machine

Buying a new washing machine can put you in a spin. And, we’re not talking about the delicate cycle, we’re talking a full 1600 rpm. But fear not – we’ve put together a practical guide to help you buy the right model.

There are two things you need to think about before buying a new washing machine: your washing habits and your space.

How to buy a washing machine

Let’s start with your clothes and washing habits. Look at how dirty your clothes get, how often you do laundry, and what cycles you use most often.

If you are someone who only does laundry once a week and just pops everything on eco mode, then you will need a different type of washing machine than a family with kids, who will require much more frequent cycles.

Also consider the special features you may need, such as smart or connected settings, and opt for models with clever functions that will help make your life easier.

Then analyse your space. Where are you going to place your washing machine? If you are putting it in the kitchen, make sure it is in a good spot so it is not in the way. If you have a utility room, mount the washing machine at eye level as it will help you to get your clothes out more efficiently.

When it comes to the size, check if you have room for a separate washer and dryer or you need to go for a combination model.

Make sure you also take a look at the energy label – if you need help reading the energy label we have a handy guide for you here. The label doesn’t just tell you the general energy rating, but it also states the water consumption per litre, cycle duration, rated capacity for cycle in kilograms, spin drying efficiency, and noise level.

Let’s find out more about the latest washing machines and washer dryer combos…

Washer and dryer in a kitchen
The LG FWV796STSE washer dryer includes a 1400rpm spin cycle, a complete 180-minute wash and dry programme, and a 59-minute Turbo wash. Priced £699.

The latest models

The latest washing machines come with an impressive array of programmes and functionality to help you wash your clothes more efficiently. The type and size of load can be automatically detected in some models, saving up to 50% of water.

Reducing waste is a key feature, so look out for auto-dosing. This means you fill up the detergent and softener compartments once and sensors will measure out the exact amount needed for each load, saving you time and money.

There are steam cycles to refresh clothes in just 25 minutes as well as an option to finish a wash cycle with a gentle steam, cutting back on ironing. A hi-tech model will cost between £800 and £1000.

Washing machine in a laundry room
The WAU28P89GB Series 6 washing machine, £899, from Bosch has 13 cycles, including prewash, single rinse, soaking, and a super quick 15/30 minutes programme. It also offers a start and pause with reload function, plus temperature selection. 

Combination appliances

Short on space? Then a combination washing machine and dryer is the ideal option. Freestanding models have slightly larger capacities and generally can wash up to 8kg and dry around 5kg of laundry. Uninterrupted wash and dry cycles can be as short as an hour or run for 180 minutes for a more energy-efficient cycle.

These models offer the full range of programmes along with auto-dose functionality and heat pump technology to help reduce water and energy bills. Plus, it can be more cost effective than buying separate appliances – prices range from £700 to £2500.

If you have the space then consider purchasing a separate dryer. For useful advice on how to buy a tumble dryer click here.

Freestanding washer dryer in white
Miele’s WTR860WPM washer dryer, £2349, offers a TwinDos detergent system, which automatically releases the right amount of detergent and fabric softener at the optimum time in the cycle.

How to buy a washing machine: think smart

Smart connected washing machines and dryers can not only communicate with each other, but you’ll also find a range of manufacturer apps, which can help you to manage your laundry more efficiently.

You can start and stop cycles remotely from your phone, activate the dryer, keep an eye on maintenance or even scan labels on your clothes to ensure you pick the correct programme. 

Integrated washer dryer
The TDI4001 fully integrated 7kg washer dryer from Caple uses heat pump technology and features 15 programmes, including anti-allergy, refresh, and pre-iron. Plus, it even caters for small loads, mix and dry, and sportswear. Priced £1106. 

Featured image: The WNP84SECUK washing machine from Smeg, £549, has been designed with an extra-large door for easy loading. It offers a full range of laundry programmes, including anti crease, anti stain, and anti allergy cycles. It is shown here with the dryer DNP83SEUK, £649. 

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