How to design a small kitchen: Hi May 2024!

Say hello to our May issue – out now! Short on space? Well, this month, we’re looking at all things small-space living, so make sure to grab your copy nationwide in store, on the KBB magazine app, or via Readly.

The moment I clapped my eyes on Davonport’s beautiful design of a pink kitchen in East Anglia, I knew I’d found our cover story. The old house and outbuildings have been converted into one large, characterful dwelling. With a huge open-plan kitchen and a picture-perfect window seat overlooking the garden, it’s so inspirational.

Design ideas for small kitchens

On a less grand scale, but just as creative and beautiful, we also visit a bijou kitchen in west London. It’s been designed by Poggenpohl, which had to work around awkward columns and remove centuries-old panelling before the renovation could begin. It’s a gorgeous project, where the tall cabinetry makes the most of the available space.

Small kitchen design ideas with view of banquette seating
KBB journo Charlotte Luxford delves into small kitchen design ideas.

And, if you’re planning your own project any time soon, be sure to read Vicki’s guide to a stress-free demolition. Soon, like me, you’ll be humming Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball…

Storage solutions for your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom

Talking of small-space living – and how to make those all-important three rooms work harder – storage is a hot topic this issue. We have lots of clever design ideas, showing you how to make the most of all those nooks, crannies and niches, however awkward they may be.

storage ideas for your kitchen such as glass jars, islands on wheels and baskets
Excited to flick through our storage shopping special?

And we look at schemes and design ideas that trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger. Stripes can lead the eye upwards and outwards, to create the illusion of a room being taller or wider than it really is, while mirrors bounce light around, and the use of innovative pieces of furniture can add style and a more airy feel.

A chat with designer Philippe Starck

When an invitation arrived to meet Philippe Starck – one of my all-time design heroes – it took me two seconds to respond with a resounding “oui”. Philippe is responsible for some of the world’s most iconic designs and this year celebrates 30 years of his successful partnership with Axor, one of Germany’s leading bathroom brands.

Super-energetic at 75, Philippe juggles a hectic schedule; just being in his presence makes you feel dizzy. No wonder he likes to base himself away from people and distractions – apart from the steadying hand of his wife Jasmine, who helps keep the chaos in check.

Portrait of designer Philippe Starck
This month, you can discover the world of designer Philippe Starck. Photography: Stephane Feugere.

How it started

Talking of busy people, we also chat with Rohan Blacker, the founder of the popular interiors brand Pooky, which recently opened in the US. Rohan told Vicki that he writes down his thoughts “before they leak from my mind”. That rings so true: I often get my best notions when restless, in the middle of the night, and then roll over and go back to sleep. This might explain why I am not a successful entrepreneur, about to launch my business across the pond…

I hope you enjoy the issue!

neutral bedroom design with green bed frame, yellow bedding and matching lights
Pringle wall light, £73, with 16cm Empire shade, Pooky.

Grab your copy nationwide in store, on the KBB magazine app, or via Readly – enjoy the issue!

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