Introducing Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year 2024: Blue Nova

We’re delighted to announce Benjamin Moore‘ Colour of the Year 2024 – drum roll, please…

Benjamin Moore‘s Colour of the Year for 2024 is the brilliant shade Blue Nova. A beautiful mix of blues and violets has resulted in a vibrant yet calming shade, perfect for creating a sense of comfort while evoking a mystical feel.

The brand describes Blue Nova as “an intriguing blue that has been inspired by the brilliance of a star newly formed in space. It blends a violet and blue together to create this elevated and sumptuous colour with beautiful depth and another worldly colour that is both enchanting and captivating.”

As you would expect, the process of narrowing down the Colour of the Year is truly in-depth. It takes months of careful planning and research to find the perfect colour, which captures the current world’s zeitgeist.

Beautiful blues

The violet cast of Blue Nova lends more warmth to the hue than a traditional true blue. But why not take it one step further and warm it up even more with the help of other tones in the brand’s 2024 colour palette such as vibrant shades of orange and yellow.

But, since it is a mid-tone colour, it cannot blend into the background, so be prepared to make a statement using this shade. Let’s take a look at the complementing hues…

Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2024 Blue Nova with Polar Sky
Blue Nova and Polar Sky by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year 2024 palette

As well as Blue Nova, you’ll find a palette of new colours in nine complementing shades: White Dove, Pristine, Topaz, Teacup Rose, Honeybee, Regent Green, Antique Pewter, Polar Sky and Hazy Lilac. The nine hues offer so much scope for different decorating designs and styles.

Pink and green hallway
Mix and match masculine and feminine shades, such as Benjamin Moore‘s Antique Pewter and Pristine on the walls.

If you’re shy with colour, then consider White Dove, which is a classic luminous white, or Pristine, a dusty rose. Honeybee, as its name describes, is a soft and joyful yellow. Teacup Rose is equally as sweet – a soft pink that leans into a rich coral shade. Polar Sky is the last of the pastels and is a pale, crisp blue.

Girls room with pink and yellow walls
Design an uplifting scheme in your bedroom with Honeybee and Teacup Rose by Benjamin Moore.

Hazy Lilac is a moody, mid-tone violet with a hint of grey. Antique Pewter, a grounding green, is ideal for achieving a calming aesthetic. Topaz is a radiant orange with rich undertones of brown and red, and Regent Green, is a pine green that almost looks black.

So, are you ready to get creative and give your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom a refresh using the new Colour of the Year or the complementing palette?

Dark green kitchen Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2024
Create a cocooning feeling in your kitchen with Benjamin Moore‘s Regent Green.

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