The latest gas hobs: Modern designs to fit every budget

Have you found a new passion for cooking in lockdown? Well, then you might be on the hunt for the latest appliances to take your kitchen kit to the next level. When it comes to hobs, gas versus induction is still very much a hot debate but it does mainly depend on your cooking style and what you are used to.  

For example, induction hobs are ideal if you’re looking for smart features when cooking like pre-set or temperature control programmes, with an easy-clean, flush surface. Plus, they have a sleek and modern look which fits even the most minimalist kitchen. But do keep in mind that this type of hob tends to be more expensive too. 

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Gas, on the other hand, is the best choice if you love cooking on high-heat. This classic choice allows you to quickly turn the heat up or down, which makes it easy to see and control the flames when cooking – I’m already thinking of delicious stir-fry recipes and seared seafood. It might be a bit more tricky to clean because of the griddles and grates, but you can go for a flush-mounted gas-on-glass design.

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Now, we’ve tried to settle this debate here at These Three Rooms before, so make sure you read Lindsay’s pros and cons before choosing the right design for you.  

Now, let’s take a look at the latest designer gas hobs which combine both style and practicality… 

gas hobs
N 50 Gas hob 75 cm stainless steel T27BB59N0, £439, from NEFF has cast-iron pan support for maximum stability and cooking convenience, and stainless steel surface for an elegant look. Its wok burner offers powerful cooking at up to 3.3 kW. The extra safe sword knobs, with an attractive design, provide a better feel and are much easier to operate. The oval controls are ergonomically designed to be gripped and turned easily – even with wet hands!  
Miele KM 2354
The five-zone stainless steel gas hob from Miele KM 2354, £1349 has dishwasher safe pot rests for easy cleaning. Plus, special gas technology ensures the flames curl in on each other for even pan coverage leaving no cold spots as with traditional flames. It features gas stop and restart functions, and if you love cooking Asian-style food, you’re in luck with its dual wok burner.
gas hobs
Smeg Dolce Stil Novo ‘Blade’ gas burner hob, £1749, is more like an art installation, with polished, premium stainless steel hobs and new flat ‘blade’ gas burners that deliver a continuous ring of vertical flame upwards to guarantee maximum heat transfer. It has five burners which offer plenty of cooking space.  
AEG StepPower
The HGB95522YMSLIM LINE gas hob 90cm, £629.99, AEG has the advanced technology of the StepPower which allows you to easily set the hob’s flame controls between levels 1 through 9, so you can deliver consistent heat to pots and pans. 

gas hobs
The Series 40 EasyCook gas hob from Zanussi, £319, available at John Lewis & Partners offers a large and stable cooking surface for pots and pans of all sizes. To activate the cooking zones, you have to simply press the temperature knob down and turn. And you don’t have to worry if the flame goes out accidently while you’re cooking as the hob will automatically switch the gas off. 
Siemens iQ700
The iQ700 Gas hob 90 cm ceramic in black, £1169, Siemens features stepFlame Technology which offers precise heat control with nine different flame steps. You can adjust the flames on your cooktop to get exactly the heat you need. The dual wok burner with dual flame system and 6 kW of power is perfect for a wide variety of foods, even in large quantities. Plus, it’s convenient to clean thanks to its modern, dishwasher proof pan supports. 
gas hobs
The Serie 6 gas hob 75cm tempered glass in black PPQ7A6B90, £639, from Bosch with FlameSelect is equipped with nine precisely defined power levels which let you adjust the required heat easily and reliably which can be powered with renewable biomethane gas. You can choose between flush or surface mounted installation depending on your style, and the semi-continuous cast-iron pan support ensures easy cleaning too. 
Hoover H-HOB
A 60cm industrial style gas on glass hob from the Hoover H-HOB 300 HVG6DK3B, £219.99, with four burners made from heavy-duty cast-iron pan stands with flame failure safety device on each burner and front rotary control operation. Plus they are rapid burners with automatic ignition. 
gas hobs
If you can’t decide between gas or induction, a pair of domino hobs could be the answer. Fisher & Paykel’s CG302DNGGB1 30cm two-burner gas-on-glass hob, £349, pairs perfectly with CI302DTB3 two-zone induction hob, £499. 
Bertazzoni P604LPROX
Bertazzoni Professional Series 60cm gas hob P604LPROX 90cm made from black glass has five gas burner cooking zones, with cast iron supports designed to be solid and secure for extra peace of mind and one hand ignition, priced at £899. 
Gas hobs
The Novy Gas PRO range of burner, 30cm Single Burner 3kW (56002), £1299 and 30cm Single Wok Burner (56004), £1499, can be integrated into work surfaces without a frame and can be installed in a number of different design configurations from a single burner to a group of five.
Gas hob
The Elica NT-FLAME BG DO 88cm venting gas hob in black, £1799, AO features four standard burners and a built-in cooker hood to remove fumes and odours from your kitchen. Its wok burner provides quick and intense heat, perfect for stir-fry recipes. Plus, its cast iron pan supports are sturdy and long lasting.
Whirlpool POW 75D2/NB
Whirlpool‘s POW 75D2/NB gas hob 5 burners 75cm in black, has flush burners with a PreciseFlame vertical flame which heat the base of the pan directly for reduced heat dispersion to save gas and increases efficiency. It has an attractive design with ergonomic controls and iXelium treatment to protect your hob from stains and scratches.

Looking for extractor hobs too? We’ve got you covered! 

Featured image: KM 2354 stainless steel gas hob, £1349 , Miele.

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