Compact bath needed for a small bathroom? Check these out

a bronze compact bath in a traditional Victorian bathroom with toiletries and accessories

A relaxing soak and a glass of fine wine, name a better duo – I’ll wait. Whether you’re Team Bath or Team Shower, there’s no denying a bubbly bath oozes a sense of calm and tranquillity.

A compact bath might surprise you if you’ve got limited space available to work with or a really narrow room. Your first thought might be ‘It’s impossible to fit a bath in my tiny bathroom!’. But with the latest designs available, you can now fit a bath even in the most compact scheme.

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While a ‘standard’ bath measures 170cm (or 1700mm as you’ll often see on descriptions) in length, these handy designs come in different shapes. They range from contemporary and round to traditional and double-ended, in 1300mm or 1500mm. In addition, they usually weigh less than the classic large freestanding models. This makes it easier to include one in your new design as a result.

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So if you’re keen to upgrade your small space with a compact bath, scroll down to find the right one for you…

Find your perfect compact bath

a freestanding white compact bath in a beige bathroom with toiletries and accessories
The new Barcelona compact bath, from £3324.90, from Victoria + Albert is just 1500mm. This makes it the perfect solution to fill a compact alcove or that awkward space under a slanted ceiling. It has improved ergonomics and a chamfered rim for extra neck and arm comfort.
the BC Designs Tamorina Petite tub in white with accessories and plants around it
The freestanding Tamorina Petite compact bath, £1354, BC Designs has a footprint of just 1400mm. However, it still holds 195 litres of water. So you can enjoy a nice relaxing soak even if you have a tiny space.
a freestanding white compact bath in a black bathroom with toiletries and accessories
Team Bath but don’t have the space available for a luxurious large tub? Then the Dinkee compact bath 1500mm, available at Ripples, is a great choice. In addition, its slim rim provides a generous bathing area.
a Victorian‐inspired white gloss acrylic tub in a blue-panelled bathroom with toiletries and accessories
Make a statement in your space with this Victorian-inspired design. The Chatsworth 1300 short roll top bath, £699.95, Victorian Plumbing is made with quality white gloss acrylic. Plus its compact shape makes it ideal for a narrow room.
a freestanding taupe compact bath in a grey panelled bathroom with toiletries and accessories
Tubby Too bath’s double-ended design, £2133, The Albion Bath Company, provides plenty of comfort when enjoying a bubbly soak. Plus, as it’s deep and tall, it’s suitable for smaller bathrooms.
a white Lusso stone tub in a marble bathroom with brass taps
Get that luxurious feeling in your space with the modern Lusso Notion stone resin freestanding round compact bath, 1350cm in matte, £2195, Lusso Stone. It works perfectly with both contemporary metallic brassware, as well as with nature-inspired textures for that spa-like look.

Find your gorgeous compact bath here

a freestanding white compact bath in a grey bathroom with a red towel, a chrome tap and a painting behind them
Create a glamorous design with help from the Formoso Petite bath, £2299, Clearwater.
the Burlington Buckingham slipper tub in front of a full-length shiny brown curtain
Whoever said a bath takes up too much space in a compact bathroom didn’t see the gorgeous Buckingham slipper bath with white feet, £848, from Burlington. It’s perfect for that timeless look. You can even have the exterior painted to add a pop of colour to your scheme.
a freestanding white compact bath in a marble bathroom with a black tap and toiletries and accessories
Complete your sanctuary-like bathroom with the Islington 1500mm freestanding bath, £689.99, Bathroom Mountain, made from Lucite® acrylic with fibreglass for additional strength.
a white Roca Maui round Stonex tub  in a red bathroom with twin sinks in walnut with silver handles
Make your bath the focal point in your ensuite with the Maui round Stonex® bath with click-clack drain and siphon, which has a length of 1500mm, from Roca.
a freestanding white compact bath in a beige bathroom with hexagonal tiles, toiletries and accessories
Are you both team shower and bath? Enjoy the experience with the space-saving Ebb shower bath, £1595, from Waters Baths of Ashbourne.

Now, are you ready to grab your aromatherapy and unwind in a stylish compact bath at the end of the day? Why not also read this feature on spa bathroom accessories?

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