Kitchen-diner renovation with pink steel beams and fluted units

Architect Jo Edwards couldn’t wait to take on this creative brief to remove a structural wall and design one large, warm, bright and fun kitchen-diner.

The project was to remove a structural wall that separated a glazed side extension and kitchen to create one large, warm, bright room. At the same time, the brief included designing a fun kitchen-diner that would be unusual, joyful and make the homeowner, Gillian, smile.

“It sounded great to my co-director and husband Adrie Rensen and me,” says Jo of Edwards Rensen Architects.

Large, warm, bright room including a fun kitchen-diner
Open shelving is the perfect place for memorabilia, while leaving some walls as exposed brick helps bring the outside in.

The renovation

When Jo and Adrie first saw the space it was ‘dark and damp’. “The glazed side extension was built in the mid 1990s and has dark green aluminium frames. It was mostly still perfectly good, so replacing it would be expensive and wasteful,” Jo says. “We discussed about eight possible layouts with Gillian and she liked the idea of dining and reading in natural light and not blocking any of the routes through her house.”

The pair started working in 3D, drawing the space, the structure and the kitchen. “Once these were working well, Gillian came to our office where we have lots of samples and we had fun developing a palette of materials,” continues Jo. “The lovely fluted oak was suggested by Asher at Belsize Build, our great fitted furniture and kitchen makers.”

Kitchen units in white and fluted oak with marble worktop, grey and mirrored splashback
The fluted oak creates a layer of interest set against the sleek white slab doors.

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Works began by making a large opening in the dividing wall and inserting exposed steel beams, now painted in pink. And, larger, better-insulated garden doors help bring in further natural light and create a strong connection with the outdoors.

Kitchen-diner with pink beams
The supporting steel joist, painted bright pink, adds an element of fun.
Green glazing in open-plan space with pink steel joists
Larger glazing, from ODC Glass, creates a strong connection with the garden.

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The kitchen-diner

For the kitchen itself, a long run of units houses the main appliances including the fridge, hob and ovens. Tall and base units provide plenty of storage, while a mirror over the splashback creates the illusion of continuing space.

Built-in appliances in white and wood fluted cabinetry
The handmade kitchen with fluted fronts was designed by Jo and Adrie and the cabinetry built by Belsize Build.

Opposite, a large island with oak fronts and a white marble worktop with grey and copper streaks includes the sink and tap, as well as built-in open shelving and enough space for a couple of barstools.

Large island with waterfall marble worktop in bright space
The large island’s waterfall marble worktop features grey and copper streaks.
Fluted cabinetry with marble-topped island
The island has enough space to add barstools.

“Gillian is really pleased that her new space is lively and joyful, but also balanced and high quality. We carefully designed all the details of the fitted furniture and our kitchen makers produced excellent workmanship, which was vital to the success of this project,” summarises Jo.

Open-plan kitchen-diner with glass roof
A bespoke drinks cabinet sits in the old structural wall. And, the lamp above the dining table illuminates the area, even in the evening.

Photography: Adelina Iliev

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