Master fridge organisation with these storage ideas

Hands up, who loves fridge restocking videos on TikTok and Instagram? I am forever envious of those perfectly organised fridges after food shops at the farmers market. Goals!

Fridge organisation is all the rage now – possibly because of those satisfying videos on social media, but also because having a neat fridge takes some of the stress away from cooking or food shopping. These days, you can find so many storage boxes, containers and bottles on the market for all your needs.

black fridge-freezer
KF96RSBEA iQ700 Glassdoor freestanding 70/30 fridge-freezer in black glass, £3969, Siemens.

November 15 celebrates the Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (#CleanOutYourRefrigeratorDay). It is very niche, but everyone can take part. The idea is to remove any food that is out of date, clean your fridge and organise it so you are all ready and set for the holidays.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite fridge organisation ideas and storage solutions…

Lazy Susan

In the 50’s, it was fashionable to have a lazy Susan in the fridge. It’s a great tool for accessing all your fridge must-haves much more easily while saving space.

Fridge lazy susan
1. Lazy Susan turntable organiser for fridge, £22.78, Kinkaivy Store. 2. Lazy Susan organiser, £21.99, Ovicar. 3. Lazy Susan turntable organiser 2-piece, £16.99, Qizenme.


Be it for storing cold filtered water or keeping coffee or juices fresh, bottles and drinks containers are a kitchen essential. If you are buying storage bottles for the fridge door, check the size and height before to ensure they fit seamlessly.

Bottles and water filter jugs
1. Aluna water filter jug colour £13.50, Brita. 2. Glass bottles with swing top lids 6-piece, £22, Casavetro. 3. Tableware Tallo glass bottles, £16, Argon. 4. 20-pack 120ml bottles, £13.99, Yoosso. 5. Water filter jug and 6 Evolve+ filter cartridges, £34.99, Aqua Optima.

Drinks and can storage

Love entertaining or simply like having cold drinks on hand? Dispensers are the ideal solution. These helpers can help you easily store your favourite cans and bottles in the fridge while not taking up too much space. Plus, they’re so easy and satisfying to restock.

Can and bottle organisation
1. Rolling can dispenser fridge, £13.98, Aceyoon. 2. 2-piece can fridge dispenser, £16.99, Puricon. 3. Drink dispenser for fridge, £43.99, BingoHive.


One of the most popular fridge organisation hacks is using boxes. These are perfect for fresh vegetables and fruit – wash everything in bulk and store it away. Sorted! This storage trick will also help extend the shelf life of the produce while making it look beautiful.

Boxes for fridge organisation
1. Set of seven fridge organisers with lids, £21.58, Myxkhyll. 2. Fridge organiser set of 10, £21.99, Jospl. 3. Stackable fridge organisers, £19.49, Kichly. 4. Fridge storage organiser 6-pack, £19.99, Changshengda.

More fridge organisation ideas:

Shelf storage

There is often a lot of wasted space in the fridge. Utilising every inch on each shelf is very important – especially for smaller things that might get lost in the back but need to be accessible, such as cheese or butter. Enter: small storage boxes.

Shelf drawer bins
1. Fridge organiser drawer shelf bin, £13.98, Joejis. 2. Fridge organisers, £14.29, Huayt. Retractable drawer organiser, £14.80, HapiLeap.

Egg boxes

Pretty and practical egg boxes and holders will help make preparing breakfast a breeze…

Egg boxes
1. Egg holder, £7.99, KitchenCraft. 2. Fridge egg dispenser rolling holder, £9.99, Vegena. 3. Fridge-freezer Binz egg holder, £8.25, iDesign.

Featured image: CAFF42 fridge freezer, £1,822.00, Caple.

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