Murals: The new way to do a feature wall in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom

Murals for kitchens bedrooms bathrooms

Are you looking for new ways to add the WOW factor to your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom? Then, say hello to wall murals! From a bohemian nature-inspired look to a bold and colourful tropical destination, scroll down to see how you make murals work in your home and get inspired by the latest designs.

Murals in the kitchen…

The great news about wall murals is that they come in all shapes, sizes and designs.  So, no matter the size and layout of your space, you can include this popular feature in your home.

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Murals for kitchens bedrooms bathrooms
Go all-out and install a tropical mural in your kitchen to create a statement wall. The D-Dream wall mural by Iksel Decorative Arts, from £414.98 per 225 cm x 90 cm panel, creates a holiday-inspired theme that works well with the Metallics Collection kitchen design by Ledbury Studio. Ledbury Studio kitchens start from £50,000.
Bring the holiday feeling to your kitchen or dining area and enjoy it for longer with murals in exotic patterns on neutral backgrounds, like the Chinoiserie wallpaper mural Taj Mahal Maca, £510, from Rockett St George
Murals for kitchens bedrooms bathrooms
You can add a focal point in your dining room while still keeping a subtle colour scheme with the Painterly Palms 350cm x 240cm mural in soft blue, £100, from I Love Wallpaper. Stand-out mural designs don’t have to be full of colour or rich in pattern. 
Make washing up more enjoyable by placing a stunning mural above your splashback. Add a touch of luxury through a stone-inspired design like the Marble mural in blue and neon orange, from £90, by NAT MAKS.  
Go for a simple, monochromatic scheme in your kitchen with the White Marble mural, from £30 per sq m, from

In the bedroom…

Let your creativity run free and design a Zen scheme with neutral tones and bohemian motifs, or the perfect exotic escape with a life-size jungle mural.

The bedroom should always feel like a relaxing sanctuary, so try a neutral scheme with subtle pops of colour for your wall art, like the Wisteria Cornflower wall mural, £315, from Woodchip & Magnolia. This wall mural design will add that bohemian touch to your space, and together with natural textures, it’s a perfect match. Go for a rattan bed frame to match the aesthetic, plus cane accessories and pampas grass for your décor.
Say goodbye to your headboard and install a stand-out mural design instead to create a feature wall behind your bed. The Mystic wall mural, from £99, from Curious Egg, works really well with sugary shades, such as blush pink and subtle turquoise.  
Murals for kitchens bedrooms bathrooms
Create an exotic destination in your bedroom by dressing all four walls in a mural with palm leaves and colourful fauna. The Flamingo Chinoiserie wallpaper mural Roseus Maca, £510, from Rockett St George looks so realistic you might even forget gloomy weather exists.
Go the dark maximalist route in your bedroom with the Vintage Tropical Night bespoke mural, £35 per sq m, from Graham & Brown. Mix shades of deep emerald green and midnight blue on the rest of the walls and match your bed to the wall mural for a cohesive look. Add metallic accents through gold cushions, bold lighting and luxurious bedding, for a sophisticated look. 
Be it your master suite, or you little one’s bedroom, a nature-inspired mural is set to brighten your scheme and open up the space. Choose a mural with plenty of green shades to promote balance and harmony in your room, on a neutral background to create a relaxing atmosphere. Woodland mural, £275 per 3m panel, from Lorna Syson.
Paint your walls and ceiling in the same terracotta shade as the TAKEDA ROSE by La Feature pink cherry blossom wall mural, £36 per sq m, available from Feathr, and create a cosy cocoon feeling in your bedroom. The cream cherry blossoms on the soft brown intertwined branches add a calm and romantic touch to the bedroom scheme.

In the bathroom…

It’s time to retire wall tiles and paint buckets for your bathroom – install a tall wall mural as the perfect backdrop when taking a shower or relaxing in the bath after a long day.

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Make sure you choose a waterproof design to enjoy it for as long as possible. The Nidra Ink wall mural, £295, Woodchip & Magnolia takes its inspiration from meditation and self-healing practices. This design was created to help bring a piece of serenity and create a sanctuary feeling in your bathroom.
Life-size murals are set to introduce colour in your design and add serious WOW factor to your bathroom. The Cantaloupe Jaguar wall mural, from £285, by Avalana combines perfectly shades of pink and green for a stylish scheme, and the realistic features of the palm leaves and exotic animals make you not want to take your eyes off of it.  
Love that cool, monochrome style? Introduce interest with a black and white mural – like this nature scene which creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere that still looks cool. Waterproof wallpaper by by Inkiostro Bianco, from £80 per sq m, Bathroom Design Studio London.
Nature-inspired murals are ideal for the bathroom as they will add that tranquil feeling to your space, from a calming beach setting to a colourful jungle design.  Tropical Lake mural wallpaper, £21 per sq m, Forest Homes
Bathroom mural
Remember you can be as bold as you’d like and install murals on all the bathroom walls, or depending on the layout of your space, you can still make this trend work on only half of a wall with help from a bespoke design. The Ocean Wonders 2 wall mural designed by Sir Edward, from £35 per sq m, available on, takes you on a journey under the sea.

So, which mural is now top of your wishlist? Let me know in the comments…

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