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From pizza ovens and barbecues to wood-fired ovens, there are so many outdoor appliances available these days. But what is the right choice for you?

First, let’s talk about the practicalities. The most challenging part is working out the electrics and the plumbing. “Your outdoor kitchen is best placed adjacent to the house, as it’s much easier to connect the electricity and water supplies,” advises Thomas Goodman, construction expert at MyJobQuote.

Small portable pizza oven
Ooni Fyra wood pellet pizza oven, £299, Dobbies.

“All outlets will need to be installed by a qualified electrician and positioned safely away from any nearby water sources. Weatherproof outlets will ensure your outdoor kitchen is as safe as possible,” continues Thomas.

“Lastly, it’s important not to overload the circuits, as this can create a fire hazard. Make sure all electrical items are rated for outdoor use. Electrical circuits should be the right size and must be installed by a registered electrician.”

large firepit in garden
Asado Primera barbecue with fully adjustable wheeled grill, £1900, Firepits UK.

Outdoor appliances: ovens

Let’s be honest, no one wants to be stuck indoors cooking away on a hot summer’s day, right? Luckily, there are several types of outdoor ovens that make cooking al fresco a total joy.

“Installing an outdoor oven can be a complex process and should be done by a professional,” advises Jody Crichton at AOS Outdoor Kitchens. “It’s important to ensure the oven is placed on a stable foundation and that the chimney is properly installed. Maintenance typically includes cleaning the oven after each use and checking the chimney periodically for blockages.”

large outdoor kitchen with grill and oven
GrillZimmer’s cabinetry range is a modular system for easy expansion made from weatherproof and scratch resistant powder-coated steel. The range starts from around £15,000.

Types of ovens

So, what options are out there?

Wood-fired ovens: These are typically made of brick, stone or clay and are great for cooking pizza, bread, and other dishes that require high temperatures, which gives food a unique flavour and texture. The drawbacks include needing large amounts of wood and the time it takes to heat up and cool down.

Gas ovens: These designs are fuelled by propane or natural gas and offer a more convenient alternative to wood-fired ovens. They heat up quickly and can be controlled with precision, making them ideal for cooking a variety of dishes. Pros include the ease of use and quick heating times. However, you also need a gas line and they lack the unique flavour that wood-fired ovens provide.

Pellet ovens: Fuelled by wood pellets, these designs offer a compromise between wood and gas-fired ovens. They offer the unique flavour of wood-fired solutions and the convenience of a gas oven. Pros include the ability to cook at high temperatures plus the convenience of automated temperature control. Cons include the need for electricity to power the automated temperature control and the cost of wood pellets.

Stone outdoor kitchen with tap, sink, fridge and BBQ.
Outdoor kitchen in Neolith Iron Grey, featuring a Fire Magic grill, Blastcool fridge and Quooker tap, KönigOutdoor.


Pizza ovens

Dream of cooking pizza al fresco this summer? Check out our round up of traditional wood-fired and modern gas-fuelled designs…

Range of pizza ovens
1. Roccbox dual gas/wood-burning pizza oven in yellow, £399, Gozney. 2. Wood-fired oven pizza kit, £249.99, Woody. 3. Piero gas and wood pizza oven with trolley, £2469, Fontana. 4. Vita wood-fired pizza oven, £755, ACR Stoves. 5. Le Feu Turtle gas pizza oven, £799, Lime Lace. 6. DeliVita outdoor wood-fired pizza oven in Berry Hot, £1395,
Cuckooland. 7. Revolve pizza oven, £549.99, Robert Dyas. 8. The Original pizza oven wood-burning stove, £329, Boutique Camping.

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The classic must-have outdoor appliance, whether you prefer cooking over coal or the precision of a gas grill, impress your guests with one of these hot BBQ picks…

Range of BBQs and outdoor appliances
1. Phantom Freestyle 425 SIB four-burner gas barbecue in matt black with Infrared Sizzle Zone side burner, £949.99, Napoleon Grills. 2. Urban Chef medium Kamado black barbecue, £699, Dobbies. 3. Nordpeis Air barbecue grill, from £1795; shown with two extension modules, from £495 each; optional wooden top, from £225; optional wooden shelves, from £354 each, and additional tool rail, from £75, Dragonfly. 4. Spirit SPX-335 GBS Smart gas barbecue, £1299.99, Weber. 5. Konnected Joe Red digitally connected ceramic grill, £1999, Kamado Joe. 6. Lotus grill charcoal barbecue in Plum, £149, Cuckooland. 7. Wood fire electric barbecue grill, smoker and outdoor air fryer, £349.99, Ninja.

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