Best outdoor pizza oven: gas and wood burning ideas

There is a time and a place for a quick and easy frozen pizza, but – if you had the time and resources – wouldn’t you always prefer the taste of a freshly-baked one? I know I would!

When planning your outdoor kitchen, think about your appliances first as this will help with the design process. If you’re in the middle of planning your new set-up, we’ve got a list of things you need to include so you can enjoy it year-round. Now, back to the outdoor pizza ovens. There are two main types: gas and charcoal/wood burning.

The question is: which do you prefer? Both are good options with different pros and cons. For example, gas is much easier to maintain while the other option is more difficult to clean and keep in top condition.

However, in my opinion, nothing can beat the taste of a perfectly cooked, authentic-tasting pizza with that slightly smoky flavour. Hungry? Me too!

To help you find the right solution, we’ve gathered some of the best gas and wood-burning pizza ovens for your dough (sorry for the cheesy pun)…

Wood-fired pizza ovens

They require more maintenance but there is something special about wood-burning pizza ovens that totally elevates the taste. The latest solutions come in a variety of styles and colours to match your al fresco set-up. Some of the most popular wood-fired pizza ovens come in the traditional dome shape or the more modern metal style.

tall green appliance placed on outdoor kitchen near the beach
Harrison Icon charcoal outdoor oven in Olive Green, from £12,000, Harrison Ovens.
one of the best outdoor pizza ovens, wood fired and placed on a table
DeliVita Wood-fired pizza oven in Very Black, £1395, Lime Lace.
one of the best outdoor pizza ovens: BBQ orange oven
Charlie charcoal BBQ and pizza oven in Saffron, £5250, Cheeky Charlie.
Wood fired pizza oven fired up
Ooni Fyra 12 Portable wood pellet-fired outdoor pizza oven, £299, Cuckooland.
Large pizza oven mounted on the floor
Wood-burning oven, £539, Boutique Camping.
best outdoor pizza oven with glass of wine next to it
Outdoor pizza oven, £159.99, VonHaus.
outdoor dome appliance baking dough
Dome oven, from £676, Firepits UK.

Cooking on gas

If you want the same effect but a far easier set-up, then choose gas. A lot of the pizza ovens featured in this edit are compact and portable. So, even if you’ve got a smaller garden, then these appliances are perfect for you…

Gas pizza appliance on tray
Casa Mia Bravo 16 inch gas oven in black, £349, Atkin & Thyme.
Green portable appliance with perfectly cooked pizza
Roccbox portable dual-fuel oven, £399, Gozney.
outdoor gas pizza oven with glass of wine on tiled island
Gas outdoor pizza oven, £199.99, Gardenesque.

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