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how to plan a kitchen

‘How to plan a kitchen’ in your Google searches? We’ve got you covered. We’re kicking off Season four, episode two of How to Buy a Kitchen Or Bathroom with a big one: how to plan a kitchen. Believe us, we know how hard it is when pondering how to plan a kitchen – so many decisions, choices and styles. So many inspirational images and ideas, it can feel a little overwhelming at times.

So, whether you’re in the middle of wondering how to plan a kitchen, at the beginning, or it’s simply a distant dream for the future, episode two is exactly what you need.

If you’ve not heard of it before, the How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom podcast is filled with practical advice. Also plenty of inspiration and brilliant new ideas, plus brilliant guests.

This week, interior designers Ros Wilson, from Roselind Wilson Design, and Beth Dadswell, from Imperfect Interiors, joined me.

Specialising in high-end residential and hospitality projects, Ros’ ethos is to seamlessly design and deliver beautiful, bespoke interiors. They encompass the essence of her clients with a fresh, hands-on approach when planning a kitchen.

“I see people including more colour now. I think it’s really nice. There’s nothing like a colour that you love that hits you in the face when you walk in your kitchen that makes you feel happy. There will be colours that are trendy – so don’t pick the one colour that everyone seems to be doing at the moment, pick one that makes you happy and go for it. Because in 10 years’ time – it doesn’t matter if it isn’t trendy anymore – because you will still love it.”


Beth prides herself on creating unique, beautiful homes that utilises space efficiently while looking effortlessly stylish. By mixing the inexpensive with the unusual, the old with the new, she transforms her clients’ homes into inspiring spaces that are totally unique and full of character.

how to plan a kitchen
How to plan a kitchen: Georgina with Beth and Ros. Special thanks to Amara for providing us with the beautiful mugs and glassware.

Planning a kitchen – where to start

Within the episode, we answer Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine’s most frequently asked questions on planning a kitchen.

“In terms of layouts, I hate the traditional stance. I prefer if you start from nothing: put no parameters on it… No triangles, gallies, islands, let’s just go for it and see what you come up with because – let’s be creative. Obviously there’s a brief, but let’s start with exciting. If we have to curtail that down we will, but I want to see what will come to the table first.”


From where you start, how and where you spend your budget, to designing the perfect layout. And trust me – I had no idea the response this particular question would spark! It honestly blew my mind.

We also talk about using trends in design and when to throw the design rulebook out of the window!

“I think you should love your kitchen. You should be excited every time you walk in, and if that means using a particular material or finish or tap, or whatever that allows you to do that, then incorporate it in.”

Beth, Ros and Georgina chat together
How to plan a kitchen: the ladies in full swing.

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