Steaming hot water tap: five reasons to buy one

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A steaming hot water tap is the new kitchen must-have. Here are five reasons why buying one will improve your life.

What would feature in your dream kitchen? Many homeowners have a steaming hot water tap on their wish list, and with good reason. Here we explain five ways it’ll make life easier.

It’ll save on energy costs

Heating hot water in a kettle nearly always costs more than using a steaming hot water tap. That’s because we tend to overfill kettles and boil more water than we need. With a steaming hot water tap like the Pronteau HotKey®, you only use the amount you require. So this saves on energy, reducing your bills.

steaming hot water tap
The new Pronteau HotKey® Collection with patented HotKey® technology and ultra-compact PROBOIL.4E boiler.
It’ll save you time

No more waiting minutes for the kettle to boil. The Pronteau HotKey® steaming hot water tap fills your mug of tea or coffee instantly. So you can have a quick cuppa in the morning then get on with your day.

It will streamline your worktops

You can get rid of your kettle and water filter jug, leaving you with sleek uncluttered worktops. This is because all products in the Pronteau HotKey® range offer four functions. These include 75-98° instant filtered steaming hot water, refreshing filtered cold water and everyday hot and cold water. Say au revoir to your kettle and jug!

It’s safer than a kettle

Kettles are heavy, so it’s easy to drop them or spill water on yourself. But a steaming hot water tap is much safer. During development of the Pronteau HotKey®, Abode considered every aspect of safety. They focused on safety both for the dispensing of steaming hot water and the maximum temperature for stored water in the boiler. By dispensing steaming hot water from 75°C to a maximum 98°C, Pronteau steaming hot water taps are fully compliant with Part G(3) of the UK Building Regulations. In addition, Abode have insulated all Pronteau steaming hot water taps. This means the water is hot at the end of the spout, but the outside surface remains cool to the touch.

The patented Pronteau HotKey® technology could just be the safest way to dispense steaming hot water. Without the HotKey® the steaming hot water cannot be activated. So hide it away or up high from little ones and the tap will only perform as a three-way mixer tap.

woman chopping vegetables
Introducing Pronteau HotKey® by Abode – steaming, stylish and safe.
You can get some super-stylish models

The new range of Pronteau HotKey® taps offer an array of contemporary designs that are just so stylish. These include swan and quad spout monoblocs in a selection of on-trend finishes. They also offer unique three-part designs like the pictured Profile three-part 4 in 1 Swan in Antique Brass. Opting for a 4 in 1 hot water tap in a three-part design will add the optimum level of luxury to any style of kitchen. There are five beautiful finishes available across the range including Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matt Black, Antique Brass and Brushed Brass.

And don’t worry about an unsightly boiler – the PROBOIL.4E boiler tucks away in a base cabinet under your sink. Packed with a series of features, this new boiler includes:

– Biggest capacity yet at 4L, delivering up to 100 cups per hour

– Compact size: able to fit in a Belfast/Butler sink base cabinet

– Filter life indicator display

– Colour coded push fit connectors 

– Intuitive digital display with temperature control

So all you need to worry about is which type of tea to enjoy today.

steaming hot water tap
The new range of Pronteau HotKey® taps comes in an array of gorgeous finishes, including Antique Brass.

We produced this article in partnership with Abode.

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