Instant hot water tap on your wish list? Check out this stunning model

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Instant hot water taps are on our radar this season, and we think you’ll adore Abode’s truly traditional offering.

Instant hot water taps are in great demand right now, and we can see why. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and being able to make a steaming cup of tea at the turn of a lever? No faffing around filling the kettle, or having to wait for it to boil? It’s a dream. Not only does it save time when you have a million things to do, but you also get to relax with that sweet milky cuppa far more quickly.

If that appeals to you – it certainly appeals to us! – you’ll love Abode’s new Pronteau ProTrad tap. Offering 98° steaming hot water on demand and fresh filtered cold water, the tap is available in 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 models. So now you can enjoy water exactly the way you like it. 

The Pronteau ProTrad 4 IN 1 tap in Antique Brass, from £949, Abode.

The Pronteau ProTrad’s functionality is wrapped up in a unique and traditional aesthetic. Victorian by design, with a graceful neck and elegant ceramic-style handles, it’ll add glamour to every kitchen. Into glossy or brushed metallics? The model comes in three high-fashion finishes: Antique Brass, Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Abode’s bestselling Astbury and Ludlow collections inspired its beautiful, stately look.

An instant hot water tap with optimum safety

Are you wondering whether an instant hot water tap can be truly safe? Isn’t it risky? Relax: the ProTrad has been rigorously field-tested for optimum safety. In addition, rest assured that all Pronteau hot taps including the ProTrad are insulated. This means the water is hotter at the end of the spout, while the outside surface remains cool to the touch.

So, for 75°C to 98°C instant filtered steaming hot water, simply set the hot water temperature via the PROBOIL2X. It’s an intelligent under-sink boiler offering fast and easy steaming hot filtered water. Not only does it have an impressive 2-litre stainless steel tank, its installation is toolless. As it’s an insulated model, it has low running costs, quick re-boil times and simple, intuitive digital controls. This makes it very easy to use.

The Pronteau ProTrad also dispenses cold filtered water

If you’re a fan of cold water, why not opt for the Pronteau ProTrad 4 IN 1 with its fresh filtered cold water option? This way, you’ll enjoy drinking better-tasting water without a cumbersome filter jug taking up valuable worktop and fridge space. Live in a hard water area? No worries. The tap works exceptionally well in these areas, delivering an endless supply of fresh filtered water on tap. This will help you reduce single use plastic and ultimately save you time, water and money.

Here are some exciting stats: you’ll save on using 2,920 plastic water bottles each year. You can also stop using the kettle as you’ll have steaming hot water on tap. This will save you significant energy as you’ll boil the kettle 4 times a day on average – which is over 2500 times each year. 

An instant hot water tap is an essential kitchen appliance

A reported 40% of new kitchens now have an instant hot water tap, so it’s become a kitchen must-have. Not only will it add value to your house, it’ll also open the door to quicker, healthier cooking. Whether you’re in your forever home or are looking to move eventually, why not invest in the Pronteau ProTrad today?

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