Buying a kitchen? Then say hello to our March 2023 issue

Although the weather outside is rather dark and gloomy as I write this, I know it won’t be long until spring is in the air. Plants will be budding, winter jackets will be (tentatively) put aside and at the end of March daylight saving hours will come in, and we’ll be back to having light mornings and evenings once again (not that I’m wishing the time away, of course).

Buying a kitchen? Then read on…

Even our front cover has a fresh feeling about it – you can read more about this Harvey Jones kitchen refurbishment in our homes section, along with plenty of other inspirational kitchens and projects.

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Buying a kitchen? Here are two different styles of kitchen
Buying a kitchen? There’s so many styles to choose from! Left: Design by Davonport; right: Design by Elementi Cucina.

Speaking of renovations, are you planning on buying a kitchen anytime soon? If so, I have the feature for you: how to buy a kitchen. (Clue is in the title, I know!)

While we’ve tackled this topic many times, for this issue I decided that I would go and find out how it actually works for myself, visiting a variety of showrooms catering to a range of budgets. Yes – be prepared for lots of photos of me opening cupboards and playing with appliances.

Georgina reports on buying a kitchen
Different kitchen styles

Not buying a kitchen? There’s still plenty of other amazing features…

We also have some other sizeable articles, from loft conversions to baths versus showers – team bath all the way over here.

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A dining room with a bright yellow ceiling

However, a favourite of mine this month is our This month we’re talking feature, which shows you how to be creative with your ceilings – I’m itching to do something with my fifth walls after seeing some of these designs.

This feature is actually what inspired our Been there, done that feature – which shows off one homeowner’s amazing ceilings (see more here).

As always, we have plenty of other jam-packed articles, from new launches and trends, shopping pages, to beautiful real case studies.

I hope you enjoy the issue!

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