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Welcome to Project Planner. Here you’ll find information, guidance and tips from myself and the These Three Rooms team on getting your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom renovation going and keeping it on track. From the start to the end, we know a home remodel comes with myriad decisions at every turn, so keep reading and we’ll help you along the way. Don’t forget to download the very handy Project Planner Kit too… Lindsay

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    Project Planner: Your handy helper when you’re renovating

    Decided it’s finally time to re-do your kitchen? Bathroom need a revamp? Or is your bedroom in need of some TLC to turn it into that perfect sleep sanctuary? All of the above? Yep, you’re in the right place. One of the best parts of my job on is hearing from you guys about the projects you’re working on and helping you find answers to those most-asked questions. That might be as simple as where a pendant light is…

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  • How to choose a designer

    How to choose the right designer for you

    Looking to finally design your ideal kitchen, bedroom or bathroom? For a successful and multi-functional project that works well for you and your family’s lifestyle, engaging a designer will take your…

  • Energy label main Quiet Mark

    The new energy label and how to read it

    We’ve all seen the multi-coloured energy label stickers when buying appliances, right? They usually show a range of bars, in shades of green and red, to show how an appliance’s energy…

  • How to add a second sink in your kitchen

    Hands up, have you found yourself dashing to the downstairs toilet to wash your hands after coming back home from your local grocery shop, or after kneading dough to bake yet…

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