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Your handy kitchen planning guide

Do you want a bigger kitchen? In search of a kitchen ideas in the UK to help you gain that valuable extra space? With our rooms now working as home offices, gyms, family rooms and so much more, you’ve probably been wondering how to make your kitchen that bit larger with an extension or a knock though – or clever reconfiguration.

As with any renovation project, always begin with a good assessment. No, I’m not talking boring tests or tricky questionnaires, but assessing the why, how and where of how to make your kitchen bigger.

From looking at what you’ve already got, weighing up how much space you really need and finding a kitchen design centre who can help you realise your dream design, read on for my kitchen planning guide on how you can make your bigger and reap all the benefits… Lindsay

    New kitchen extractor? Let virtual reality reveal your ideal model

    When planning your kitchen, there inevitably comes a time when you have to think about how you’ll get smells and steam out of the room. A kitchen extractor is an essential element – not only for practicality, but also when it comes to the final look. You want it to work hard and look good, without negatively impacting the room. But how do you pick the right appliance? After all, you can’t buy it and then return if you don’t like

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