Create your own spa-style sanctuary at home

create your own spa

A spa bathroom offers the ultimate in rest and relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Here’s Laufen’s six-point plan for achieving the perfect space to soothe the soul.

Want to create your own spa-style sanctuary at home? You’re in luck: Laufen, creators of beautiful bathrooms, have six fabulous tips for you. So now you don’t have to visit a spa; there’ll be one in the next room.

How to create your own spa-style sanctuary

Make it clutter-free

Start to create your own spa bathroom by providing a calming environment and having a good declutter. A room with piles of stuff everywhere and items out of place is not only unattractive but also stressful to use. Because how can you relax when you can’t find anything? In contrast, a clutter-free bathroom allows for head space and a tranquil vibe. These are both conducive to rest and rejuvenation. 

So, empty bathroom cabinets, drawers, and shelving, and spend a little time sorting out the contents. Get rid of anything old, outdated, and unused. Either give it to family, friends or charity shops (we’re talking lovely bottles of unopened bath oils rather than old flannels). Alternatively, chuck items away. You should be left with the essentials as well as your favourite lotions, potions and showering or bathing must-haves. 

create your own spa bathroom
Kartell Laufen freestanding bath, RRP £5,256.09 (excluding VAT).
Choose a luxurious bath

Nothing says spa bathroom like a deep, luxurious tub for a long, hot soak after a long day. So create your own spa bathroom with a gorgeous bath. Choose a hygienic solid surface material that’s naturally resistant to stains, mildew and mould. Then select a simple design that makes a statement in your bathroom or ensuite.

Kartell Laufen bathtubs are made of Sentec solid surface material for a one-piece seamless look. They’re available as free-standing, built-in and drop-in versions across a range of sizes to suit all bathroom spaces. Easy to clean with a smooth velvety feel, they’re perfect for relaxing and reviving tired muscles. And they’re also great for simply unwinding and de-stressing at the end of each day. 

white Laufen design
Kartell Laufen freestanding bath, RRP £5,256.09 (excluding VAT).
Add some greenery

Adding houseplants is such a simple way to create your own spa bathroom. As well as bringing a sense of the outside in, plants in the bathroom will also help to purify the air. Oh, and they eliminate bacteria and absorb extra moisture. Make sure you choose plants that thrive in humid conditions, such as snake plants (also known as mother-in-law’s tongue). This magnificently tall plant is happy in bathrooms without much natural light and its long leaves can help to filter toxins from the air. Other beneficial plants to look for include hanging tillandsia and the pineapple-style bromeliad. There’s also the bird’s nest fern, and majesty or parlour palm.

Another way to bring the outside in is with colours that take their cue from the natural world. Accessories are a savvy way to do this. See the All Saints mirror and Max Beam stool from the Kartell Laufen collection. Both are available in nature’s quintessential colour, emerald green.  

create your own spa bathroom
All Saints mirror in green, RRP from £267.89 (excluding VAT), Boxy tumbler in green, RRP £40.79 (excluding VAT), towel rail in green, RRP from £74.76 (excluding VAT), wall-mounted Shellfish shelf in green, RRP £93.46 (excluding VAT), all from the Kartell Laufen collection.
Introduce warm metallics

Adding warm metallics to classic white sanitaryware will add a splash of glamour to your spa bathroom. Create your own spa-style sanctuary with gold or rose gold finishes for bath and basin taps. Both are available on brassware in the Kartell Laufen collection and come with an innovative PVD coating. This boasts anti-corrosive and anti-limescale properties, resulting in a surface that’s highly resistant to scratches and cleaning products. So it’ll be easy to keep your new spa bathroom looking fabulous!

Set the mood with lighting

Lastly, to finish your spa bathroom, plan the lighting carefully. Aim for soft but functional, with ambient uplights set behind a free-standing bath or set into a windowsill behind the tub for a candle-like effect. Add task lighting either side of a wall mirror – the wall-mounted Kartell Rifly pendant lamp is a good choice. Also, make sure you have good overhead illumination with recessed spots. Sensor lights are ideal for energy efficiency as well as ease.

And there you have it: everything you need to create your own spa-style sanctuary. Just promise to send us the pictures when it’s finished.

green mirror
All Saints mirror, RRP from £267.89 (excluding VAT), Max Beam stool, RRP £233.63 (excluding VAT), vanity unit, RRP from £656.79 (excluding VAT), basin mixer, RRP from £436.25, all from the Kartell Laufen collection. 

Featured image: Kartell Laufen freestanding bath, RRP £5256.09 (excluding VAT).

We created this feature in partnership with Laufen.

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