Types of bathroom lighting and where to use each one

Image: Created by Virtual Worlds Design Hub for Sensio Lighting.

Featured image: Created by Virtual Worlds Design Hub for Sensio Lighting.

When trying to get that perfect bathroom lighting, you’ll need to know what each type of lighting is used for and how it affects your space.

It’s easily overlooked, but lighting is a great tool for creating a mood and adding to the look and feel of your new bathroom. It’s worth looking at the different types of lighting and understanding its purpose. And by using virtual technology, you can visualise different set-ups and see your new bathroom at any time of day.

But first, let’s delve a little deeper into what types of lighting is available…

Ambient illumination

This can come in the form of wall fixtures, pendants, or recessed downlights. It’s usually the main lighting for your bathroom, with sources layered to create the right amount of brightness and mood. It’s so important to get right as it’s the foundation on which the rest of the room’s illumination is built.

Task lighting

This is to direct light to a specific place and for a particular task, such as brushing your teeth in front of the mirror or doing your make-up.

bathroom lighting
Image: Created by Virtual Worlds Design Hub for Virtue VR Bathrooms.

Hanging an IP-rated pendant over the basin or wall lights mounted either side gives you additional illumination without affecting the main ambient light of the room. There’s so many gorgeous pendant lights available to buy that will fit with any bathroom scheme.

You could even use illuminated mirrors and under cabinet lighting as an option for adding further task lighting around the vanity area, too.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting draws attention to any architectural or structural elements in your bathroom. As below, you can see how accent lighting has been used to show off the fish tank.

Virtue VR
Image: Created by Virtual Worlds Design Hub for Virtue VR Bathrooms.

Day or night?

With Virtual Worlds 4D technology, you’re not only able to view different lighting options at the touch of a button when looking at what your bathroom could look like, but see your design in day and night modes.

Imagine experiencing your new suite as it would be on a winter’s night or a bright morning. Well, you don’t have to image. See how this looks in Virtual Worlds in the below video.

bathroom lighting

Want to give it a go?

To find your nearest independent retailer with Virtual Worlds technology, visit find4d.com.

This article has been created in partnership with Virtual Worlds.

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