Choosing a freestanding bath: six top tips

Choosing a freestanding bath

What do a relaxing Sunday morning and a spa-like pamper evening have in common? A freestanding bath! Somehow, a hot bubbly bath can take our daily worries away and balance our stress levels. There’s no better way to unwind than with dimmed lights, aromatherapy and a good hour-long soak in the bath.

Choosing a freestanding bath is an important process. The right bathtub can make you feel like you are floating on a comfortable cloud. From material to size, here are six tips on choosing the right freestanding bath, with help from BC Designs

Assess your space

Before setting your heart on a bath, it’s important to assess your space. Do you have a really spacious bathroom where you can position a freestanding bath with no fuss? No? Then you need to study all the corners and spaces available where you can place a freestanding bath. Perhaps under a window or in an alcove. 

choosing a freestanding bath
Assessing your space is crucial when choosing a freestanding bath. Go for a space-saver bath like the Dinkee Bath, priced £1,460, BC Designs.
Think about the size

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can make a freestanding bath fit. However, to fit a bath into a very compact bathroom you might have to go for a shower-bath combo. Or even give up the shower altogether.

BC Designs has lots of options available for smaller bathrooms, from around the same size as a standard shower to back-to-the-wall designs to help save you space.

Think about the size and consider a slipper bath or a short roll-top bath. If you are lucky enough to go for a freestanding bath of any size, place it in the centre of the room – it will give your bathroom a luxurious feeling.

Don’t forget to take into account how you will actually bring the bath inside the bathroom, so have a look at your home’s structure as well.  

a white ceramic model
Save space with the 1555mm long Bampton Bath, priced £2,900, BC Designs.
Design decisions

Once you figured out where you want to place your freestanding bath, here comes the difficult part – deciding on a design. However, this is also one of the most exciting aspects of choosing a bath, as you can let your personality shine through the design.

With so many options available nowadays, from contemporary and luxurious to traditional and minimal, this step can dictate the entire aesthetic of your bathroom. Make your freestanding bath the focal point of your bathroom and go for a statement design. 

choosing a freestanding bath
Choosing a freestanding bath: The Aurelius Bath is inspired by the early 20th century models, priced £4,999, BC Designs.
Choose the material

Positioning, check; size and design, check – now it’s time for the material. BC Designs has developed its own material called Cian, which is a solid surface, very durable and resistant to any scratches and chips.

You can choose an acrylic bath, in a contemporary or traditional design, as it weights around 50 kg, which is much less then a cast iron or steel bath – if properly taken care of, an acrylic bath can last up to 30 years.

If you want to go the nontraditional route, choose a copper freestanding bath – great for maintaining the water’s temperature warm for longer than a traditional cast iron bath. 

a copper tub
Choosing a freestanding bath: The Copper Boat Bath from BC Designs comes in two sizes, 1500mm and 1700mm, priced from £3,780.
Keep in mind the bath’s weight

Probably one of the most overlooked aspects when choosing a freestanding bath, but equally important as the ones mentioned above – the bath’s weight. Can you imagine taking a trip downstairs through the ceiling? Well, neither can I! So, remember to look at the bath’s weight, especially if you choose a heavy material, such as metal, cast iron or solid surface – both when empty and full of water – to make sure you choose the right one. 

Choosing a freestanding bath
Choosing a freestanding bath. The Viado Bath from BC Designs, priced from £1,354, weighs approximately 45 kg. Image: VADO.
The finishing touches

Now that you’ve got the basics out of the way, you can have fun with the finishing touches. Have a look at the brassware options, which will also help determine the style you want to go for. Options include chrome, nickel, gold, brass and modern styles, such as matt black – very hot at the moment – or neon shades.

When it comes to the overall look, why not go for a colourful bath?  BC Designs offers a bath painting service for an additional cost, but definitely so worth it! 

a green tub
Choosing a freestanding bath. Be bold and choose a colourful bath like BC Design’s Magnus Bath in Khaki Green, priced from £4,200.

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Featured image: Choose the right freestanding bath. Senator bath without feet, £4,200, BC Designs.

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