How a bathroom layout tool could help you get your dream bathroom

Bathroom renovations are booming. Have we all realised we need to carve out that time for me time? Or has all this time at home got you thinking that you just want a nicer showering or bathing space? I’ve see a few bathroom projects of late where the homeowners have created beautiful suite-style bedroom-bathroom set-ups and I am so here for that. True bliss. So with all this bathroom loving going on, it’s no surprise that a whole host of bathroom layout tool options have been launched.

I received a press release this morning that said remodelling the bathroom is the second most planned home project this year. That’s according to fintech company Selina Advance who said 9 million of us are planning bathroom renovations – that’s 9% of homeowners.

The research said adding value was a key driver to re-do the bathroom. Which seems about right to me. That and creating a lovely sanctuary I reckon.

So, if you are thinking about a new bathroom, have you tried out the latest bathroom layout tools yet? You can have a play with some of our tried-and-tested bathroom layout tools here. ­

But first stick with me and I’ll tell you exactly how these virtual bathroom design tools could help you get your dream bathroom.

You can act like a designer before hiring one
If you’re not quite sure what you want to do with your bathroom, a bathroom design tool online is a great first port of call for research purposed. Most allow you to put your room dimensions in (so get the tape measure out and jot down your room measurements before you start) and have a play with different layout styles and product styles and colours.
You can try out options for whether you want to get rid of your bath and put in a shower, include a statement freestanding tub or even see whether a slightly larger floor area could work better (for example if you have the option to steal a bit of space from a cupboard or adjoining room). Get involved, don your pretend designer hat and experiment – it’s actually rather fun once you get into it.
Then, once you’ve got a better idea of what you want, it’s time to search for a designer to help bring it all into reality (and probably suggest ways to make your new bathroom even better!).
You’ll get a better idea of what you want
As I said above, these virtual design tools for bathrooms give you a good chance to play around with the look of your bathroom. So if you’re thinking you want a bold wall tile, matt black taps and fittings, or a beautiful double vanity unit, you can visualise what these could look like in your room. You might decide it’s exactly what you want, or you might realise it’s not going to work. Either way, you’ll come up with a solid list of things you like and things you don’t – a great thing to share with your bathroom designer when you get to that stage. Many of the virtual design tools will create a product list for you, bearing in mind these will usually be specific to the brand who provides said tool.
You’ll save time
The beauty of so many bathroom brands launching bathroom layout tools is that you can use them from the comfort of your sofa. Or bath if you’re that way inclined.
Not only super convenient (and comfy), it’ll save you time because you won’t necessarily have to travel to lots of showrooms to do your initial layout and product research. Did I mention it’s comfier too?
You can tweak in in your own time
Before you do speak to a designer, spend time looking over your own bathroom layout tool plans and imagine living with the design you’ve created. Ask yourself: will it work for my morning routine? Will it suit the people who will use this bathroom every day? Are there things in there I could do without? Or is there anything that I’d find more useful? Is there enough storage?
Revise your ideas in line with imagining actually living with it – a bathroom has to be practical first and foremost after all. If you have questions, write them down and when you speak to a designer, ask them.
You’ll be super prepared to talk to a bathroom designer
The key to a successful bathroom renovation is, if you ask me, prep. Prep, prep, prep. The most research, moodboarding and thinking you can do before getting to the serious business of working with a designer, the better. And this includes utilising the latest bathroom layout design tools.
Keep record of the plans you’ve created that you like most, the list of products you’ve decided would be a good fit, your questions and room measurements and your designer should be delighted with your prep work and it should help get the conversations flowing about your dream new bathroom much more quickly. You can either print things out to keep a ‘renovation folder’ or save it all onto a laptop or tablet and take that with you to your appointments.
If you’re wondering what to expect when working with a bathroom designer, check out this post.

So what does your dream bathroom look like? If you’re thinking about renovating yours, bathroom layout tools online can be a great way to experiment with options for your space and research the possibilities. But remember, you’ll probably need to work with a good designer to get the best results once you’ve done your research. Why not find local designers through our Close To Home campaign?

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