Bathroom storage: how to get it right

Bathroom storage

Are you tired of not finding the hair mask you have been so eager to try or the massage oil you cannot remember where you last placed? Well, you are not alone – I know getting your bathroom storage sorted can take a while and if it’s not done in an effective way, you might just end up right where you started. Making sure you have enough space to store all those essentials (yes I’m counting hair masks as an essential! I’d probably add towels, cleaning products and washes to the mix too, though) is crucial to a successful bathroom scheme.

With often little storage space, the bathroom can be one of the hardest spaces to keep tidy – but nowadays, there are so many ideas for solutions that are as chic as they are practical. Choose from bespoke designed units, mix and match furniture, freestanding, vanities, and vertical wall-mounted cabinets to create a place for anything, from towels to toiletries.

Accommodate your daily essentials

We’re all guilty of collecting too many bath oils, shampoos, and candles, so think about what you want to display around your bath and what can be hidden away – what can be stored in another room?

Make sure to assess all of your goods and write a list of exactly what you’ll need to store in the space before thinking about what type of furniture you’ll need. Measure the height and width of bottles, think about which items you’ll need every day, and – in line with your routine – decide what needs to be stored out of sight and what will be best kept out.

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A mix of open storage, shelving, places to set down bottles, and designated cupboards and drawers is often best, but consider the size of your space and work out what set-up will work without feeling too full. Generally speaking, a deep, single drawer under a tabletop sink is a good idea for taller bottles that won’t fit in your bathroom cabinet.

bathroom storage
Choose your cabinetry according to your bathroom necessities, from shampoo bottles to towel sizes. Arrezzi Double 03, The Albion Bath Company, from £723.

Make it stylish and practical

Personalise your bathroom cabinets with the latest modular furniture – an innovative way to get the high-end designer look without the expense of bespoke cabinetry. Mix and match different sizes and finishes to create the ideal layout and storage set-up for your space.

Duravit‘s L-Cube Furniture Collection, designed by Christian Werner, is a great way to add style and practicality in your bathroom – plus, you can add your personal touch and customise the unit to your preference. Console with two cut outs, £454.80; Two drawer vanity units, £1394.40; Towel Rail, £178.80; Interior Systems from £74.40 for box; Mirror with lighting £1735.20; Mixer Tap – medium £272.40 per tap; Washbasin £463.20.

Create a contemporary feel

You don’t always have to hide everything away in expensive cabinets to achieve that hotel- chic look. Why not try open shelving, which looks especially stylish under top-mounted basins, to store neatly rolled towels.

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For a clean look, why not decant your favourite soaps and conditioners into decorative bottles and arrange them on freestanding or wall-mounted shelving for a display that also makes for a practical solution?

Vertical mirrors with hidden shelving are clever, too, and the latest radiators with towel rails utilise every inch of space without compromising on the designer look.

Open storage is more popular than ever, for easy access to everyday items or to display beautiful products. Wall-mounted systems keep the floor clear, and we are seeing more ceiling-suspended shelving.

bathroom storage
Organise your daily essentials and place them on an open storage system like the Casper roller workspace organiser in white from Nest, £245.

Be clever with the layout

We all have unique storage requirements, whether it is in a more functional family bathroom or a luxurious ensuite. So take the time to draw up an individual plan for each space before you even think about the design requirements. The aim is a streamlined look, so don’t be tempted to have too many shelves and cabinets as they can make the room feel more cluttered.

Keep it simple with minimal bathroom furniture to add a contemporary touch. Fusion Terra Furniture, wall mounted unit, £520; tall unit, £260 and mirrored cabinet with light, £315, available at

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Featured image: Use these top tips to get your bathroom storage sorted. iStock/ Matveev_Aleksandr 

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