Kitchen storage: how to get it right

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Does your kitchen storage set-up include ‘the cupboard’? Because, full disclaimer, mine does. You know the type – open the door, shove whatever lives there (typically Tupperware, let’s be real) in, and quickly close the door before the contents can spill out.

It’s a kitchen storage dance I have perfected over the years, and I’m not sure how proud I am of that fact.

With the current situation going on, chances are you – like me – have taken to doing all sorts of jobs around the house. A global pandemic, it seems, is turning us all into world-class tidiers and declutterers.

I’ll openly admit that my kitchen storage has never been this well sorted, although it has always followed a general pattern.

kitchen storage
Firstly: I love a good pantry for kitchen storage! This Ashbourne double system from Masterclass Kitchens can be customised with different drawer styles, wine and spice racks, or shelving in six different widths. Masterclass Kitchens schemes start from £7500.

But of course, for your set-up to really work, you’ll need to have an effective layout. Do you want simple cabinets? Or a larder with a clever inner design?

As always, I’m here to help – so here are the four steps to make your new layout a success.

Take stock of what you need to stash away

Before you start with designing your new kitchen storage, look at what you actually need to find a home for.

Do you always buy a certain bottle of oil? Or maybe you fill things such as pulses into glass jars?

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Take everything you own and intend to keep out of the cupboards and measure up the tallest items.

This allows you to design your new cupboards from the inside out, so you can store every tin, jar, and bottle in a way that fits the purpose perfectly.

corner cupboard
Secondly: corner base units don’t have to be a waste of space – after all, there are store and slide devices. Top of our list has to this be Le Mans. That’s a curvy, stylish set of shelves which make the most of an awkward, hard to reach corner. Expect to pay around £300 for a Le Mans corner unit mechanism. Life Kitchens start from £25,000.

Plan your kitchen storage around your cooking routine

Which ingredients do you need the most? Or maybe you always use a specific set utensils for a specific task?

kitchen storage
Kitchen storage: the Brasserie range from Smallbone of Devizes provides a whole host of innovative storage solutions. This rack above the island, for example, can be created in a range of bespoke sizes and finishes. Kitchens from Smallbone of Devizes start from £40,000.
built-in shelving
Kitchen storage: these open storage modules are great for using the dead space below wall-hung units, plus you’ll have everything on hand. Crown Frameworks starts from £342 as part of a Crown Imperial scheme. The company’s kitchen designs start from around £10,000.
kitchen storage
Kitchen storage: this smart system really puts storage centre stage and is a must for anyone who loves things neatly organised. Used as a run of five panels it can house every piece of culinary equipment you would need, freeing up valuable, cupboard, drawer and island space elsewhere. Wall units in Eggersmann Works Interlink Bronze Glass with Works 360-degree rotating system. Priced from £40,000.

Think about what you need the storage for

I, for example, like to use chopsticks when frying things. They allow me to pick up even more delicate things without, for instance, damaging breading or having tofu pieces break apart. So I keep a pair right next to the hob.

Make sure the things you use all the time are kept close to where you need them.

A rail above the hob is a stylish way to hang ladles, spoons, or even pans, while a splashback shelf is ideal to keep fresh and dried herbs.

A bespoke rack on the inside of a pantry cupboard or custom drawer inserts are also ideal. This is because they can create the exact internal layout you need – handy, right?

Martin Moore spice rack
Kitchen storage: make the most out of every inch of space to get the maximum effectiveness out of your kitchen. The end of this bespoke tall cupboard from Martin Moore has been built as a full-height spice rack. Martin Moore kitchens start from £35,000.
kitchen storage
Kitchen storage: with built-in shelves, a neat set of drawers and, if you like, a workspace too, a larder is a wishlist-topping storage solution. But pocket doors make this design extra special. This pantry is part of a bespoke kitchen by Stoneham Kitchens. Prices start from £30,000.
coloured panels
Kitchen storage: super space saving and ideal for making a statement, tambour units are well worth considering in any kitchen as they help you keep clutter out of sight. This design is part of a bespoke kitchen by The Main Company, where prices start from £25,000.

Create an ergonomic design

Always consider where you’ll place drawers and cupboards in your new scheme and how they’ll help you create the most efficient design.

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You might be surprised at how much storage an island offers – but if you design it with cupboards or shelving, it’s an all-round helpful addition.

Incorporating it in the right place will also help you avoid long walks between food storage and the cooking zone.

Kitchen storage
Kitchen storage: sitting within the base unit and fitting around the sink bowl, the extra-deep drawer provides handy compartments for storing all your washing-up essentials. Designed by Aran Cucine, this is only available as part of a custom-designed kitchen. An accessorised under-sink compartment starts from £612.

Like in every other room in our homes, cupboards, units, and other solutions of course change as our tastes do.

black cabinetry
Kitchen storage: Sleek and cleverly designed, pocket doors from Designspace London’s Modulnova sliding wall system streamline this kitchen’s storage. Prices
for a similar scheme start from £25,000.
kitchen storage
Kitchen storage: this innovative feature proves that you can have a minimal, slick kitchen that’s still packed with appliances. This system uses a small motorised mechanism to raise and lower an appliance, so it sits flush with the worktop when in use and neatly tucks away to leave a seamless surface when no longer needed. Available as part of a Minotti Cucine London kitchen, which start from £60,000.
marble worktops and beige units
Kitchen storage: Rotpunkt’s Wall Panelling Storage System & Solutions includes moveable shelves that slide along integrated rails, with accessories that house utensils, dispense foil, display a recipe book and hold an iPad. Rotpunkt kitchens start from £15,000.
kitchen storage
Lastly, the long shelf running around this kitchen’s walls has space for displays above and rail below for hanging utensils and crockery. Prices for deVOL‘s Real Shaker Kitchen start from £12,000.

Designers are constantly coming up with new ways to streamline your kitchen storage. Pocket doors, for example, are often used to hide small appliances.

These panels slide open and away, revealing whatever you need without taking up valuable floor area a normal swinging door would block.

Smart, right?

So, let me know – how are you planning your kitchen storage? And, more importantly… how tidy are your cupboards right now?

Featured image: How cool is this open shelf? It fits seamlessly with the extractor hood for contemporary decorative storage in this Italian kitchen from Schiffini’s Cinqueterre range. Price on application.

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