How can I maximise natural light in my bathroom?

Making the most of natural light in a bathroom is a common dilemma…

If your bathroom has just one window, but you still need lots of natural light, fear not – we’ve got you covered. We’ve asked designer Justine Bullock at The Tap End to share her expert advice.

Here are her tips on how to maximise sunlight in your bathroom…

“When my team and I sit with clients during their bathroom consultation, one of our most common questions is about retaining or increasing natural light. It is the enigma of bathroom design; clients often assume that the best way to do this is to keep the window wall completely free of obstructions, particularly when the bathroom has one window,” says Justine.

“Unfortunately, if it is by the shower enclosure, this usually means people spend their time trying hard to design the new room away from the natural light source,” she adds.

“We don’t take this approach. Instead, we prefer to incorporate the shower and window area, making it a wet zone; this floods your enclosure with natural light in the mornings and means you get to have a refreshing wake-up call.”

wet zone bathroom with natural light
By creating a wet zone bathroom with a large window, natural light will flood the room. Design: The Tap End.

Ways to maximise sunlight in your bathroom

“Having your shower in a window area naturally throws up some privacy concerns. However, I would suggest using frosted or privacy film or glass to address this,” says Justine.

“Another high-end alternative would be choosing switchable smart glass with an electrical current. With a flick of a switch, it goes from transparent to opaque. If you opt for switchable smart glass you can be more creative with your shower area, as you can draw more light into the space when your window is in transparent mode.

“Recently, my team and I came up with a design for a stunning, blue-tinted shower screen to bring interest to an otherwise neutral scheme. The blue looked really chic and contemporary. It didn’t darken the space as the window was smart glass, meaning the client could adjust the level of natural light with a remote control, depending on their requirements,” she says.

blue bathroom with blue screen
The blue-tinted shower screen brings interest to this neutral bathroom. Design: The Tap End.

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“Another thing to consider when designing a bathroom with little or no natural light is to introduce artificial illumination in a daylight tone. This can transform a space and stop it from looking dark and uninviting,” explains Justine.

“We like to use strip lights, an ambient glow, hidden solutions, and task lighting activated by sensors. For example, you can use the correct IP-rated lighting in a shower area to enhance the illumination in your space without worrying about the position of the window to maximise sunlight.”

walk-in shower with artificial lights
Contemporary bathroom designed by the team at The Tap End.

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