How to choose a WC

Shower toilet

Question. How many of you have ever thought about the style of your dream WC? Hm me neither. But really, you ought to. When you’re updating your bathroom, you’ll soon find out that there’s an absolute plethora of options out there – from traditional, super modern, coloured, wall-hung, close-coupled…ok, let’s explain.

How to choose right style

While it’s something we use everyday, I have to confess – I can’t say I ever really thought about the look of my WC. I guess the real question is, why not make a statement out of it, right? For me, I love the look of a wall-hung design, supported with a concealed frame for a more contemporary look as it creates a sense of more space. However, if traditional is more your style, you could go for a high-level cistern above a floor-standing pan, complete with a chain for flushing. Alternatively, for a cleaner look, you could opt for a back-to-wall design with cistern concealed in the wall, or within the wall unit.

Back-to-wall toilet

Back-to-wall design require a concealed cistern for a seamless look. The Vero Air WC is available from Duravit. Price on application.

Think about it’s position

There’s countless times I’ve found myself walking into a bathroom only to have my legs squished, and almost touching the wall opposite. So, to avoid this, ensure that there’s adequate space around it. Generally, you want at least 200mm on both sides, and 600-700mm in the front. You should also consider the position of the soil pipe. If you have a modern home, this is likely to be boxed inside your property. However, if you want to move the WC to a different wall – that’s when things get a little trickier, so you must ensure you maintain an adequate fall. With a trend towards smaller bathrooms – leading bathroom brands have developed more compact, short projection and corner solutions to help make the best use of every inch of space.

Cloakroom bathroom with blue and white tiles

Abbey traditional close coupled toilet and basin cloakroom suite, £149.97, Bathroom Takeaway.

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Consider an intelligent WC

From heated seats, to shower toilets, you won’t believe how techy our toilets have become. In fact, these innovations are more useful than an expensive gimmick, believe you me. Most of the latest shower toilets come with their own behind-the-wall cistern frame, while others feature a rimless bowl, so there’s no germs and limescale to hide. Others feature a choice of front, rear, pulsating and oscillating washes operated by remote control, and a UV-sanitising light with self cleaning system. What next, ey?

Shower toilet

Shower toilets come with a number of functions including heated seats for comfort, for example. The Washlet RW is priced at £3588 from Toto.

Whether you want a statement design or the latest high-tech solutions, you’ll be happy to hear that many manufacturers are now producing much bolder designs. While an 18-carat gold model might not be to your taste – thanks to the latest tech and innovations, today there’s all sorts of colours, patterns and finishes to choose from.

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Okay, that’s enough toilet talk (for now).

Featured image: The Washlet RW features an electrolysed Water+ for nozzle and toilet cleaning; heated seat; heat regulated dryer; regulated wand and jet system. Priced at £3588, it’s available from Toto. 

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