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    How to get a larder in your kitchen

    Green pantry

    For me, having enough room for pantry is right at the top of my wishlist. I'm a keen cook, so having a dedicate spot for all my jars, dried goods and bits and bobs would be essential for keeping my kitchen neat and tidy – especially when guests arrive unexpectedly. From freestanding to built-in, and walk-in styles – the latest designs offer a range of intelligent storage solutions to help keep your space clutter-free.…

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    Inspiration gallery: black kitchens

    Black kitchen

    I've always loved a blue or grey kitchen, but I have to say I'm now converted to black. I'm a huge fan of dark and moody interiors, so it's exciting to see that this decadent colour can work so well in this space. Just looking at these images, I can't help but swoon over the striking shades shown in these out-there looks. So, take a peek for yourself – would you dare to go this bold?…

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  • Freestanding unit with matt black frames

    Five ways to keep your bathroom tidy

    I'll let you into a secret... my bathroom is in dire need of a sort out. The most difficult thing I find is keeping my skin care products and bath bombs…

  • Shower toilet

    How to choose a WC

    Question. How many of you have ever thought about the style of your dream toilet? Hm me neither. But really, you ought to. When you're updating your bathroom, you'll soon find…

  • Pendant lighting

    Five steps to perfect kitchen lighting

    How you light up your room is a crucial part of getting your space right. After all, your kitchen is not just used for slaving away and cooking a Sunday roast.…


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