How to design a cloakroom (the downstairs loo): VIDEO

how to design a cloakroom such as this loo featuring floral wallpaper and a yellow flush button

These days most of us will have a downstairs loo (or cloakroom as they’re often called if you’re being more polite). Adding a downstairs loo is a practical and often value-boosting home project.

How to design a cloakroom? Read on, because any dwelling built after 1999 will likely have a ground-floor toilet installed. This has been designed to cater for any wheelchair users as standard. A downstairs loo is an accessible option and a good way to future proof your home, if you can add a shower.

But with little wiggle room to play with, how to design a cloakroom is the big question. How can you ensure it works well and also looks good at the same time? I chatted with interior designer Julia Alexander to find out…

How to design a cloakroom: I chatted to interior designer Julia Alexander about how best to design a downstairs loo.

Julia has some great tips and ideas for how to design a cloakroom. The key things I took away were:

  • Firstly, think about the flow of your house and where you can create good access (because you don’t want to traipse through the whole house to get to the loo!).
  • Secondly, add sound proofing for extra privacy – this could be through decor as well as the type of door.
  • Thirdly, a sliding door could save space.
  • How to design a cloakroom: Tiles might not be the best option. But if you do tile, draw a plan before you choose a design. That way you’ll know exactly how many tiles you need.
  • Bring in some bold design choices – because why not?
  • Lastly, baskets are super useful in a downstairs loo!
how to design a cloakroom feature illustrated with a downstairs loo in neutral colours with a fluted oak vanity unit, round illuminated mirror, wall-hung toilet and hexagonal tiles
How to design a cloakroom: Flute 475mm Wall Mounted 1-Drawer Cloakroom Vanity Unit Nordic Oak, £645.99, Crosswater.

Featured image: Bathroom design by CP Hart.

So, did you enjoy this feature on how to design a cloakroom? Then check out this wallpaper for the downstairs loo.

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