Shower heads: what’s the right style for your bathroom?

In my bathroom, I’m all about those large, traditional shower heads with exposed pipes. While my husband, however, is more of a flush, minimal pipes (aka less cleaning) kind of guy. I like to feel relaxed and comforted by the water, while he likes a good power wash to feel squeaky-clean. Sound anything like your household?

So what’s your style? Rainfall, waterfall, rainforest (I jest)? How about an electric shower head, or a detachable hand shower with a column, or a dual design?

There are shower heads that can connect to your phone using an app, or have built-in mood lighting. And that’s just function. How about look? Black, white, gold, brass, nickel – or classic chrome? Ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, freestanding? The list goes on, and on.

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It’s easy to see how some can feel overwhelmed with choice. So how do you go about deciding what’s right for you?

First, assess the space your shower head will be in. Is your shower a large walk-in design, or will it be as part of a shower-bath combo? If it’s a large walk-in shower, do you want a large, flush, ceiling-mounted design? Or, more of a statement column for maximum impact? For a bath-combo layout – how much available space do you have? Do you want it separate from the bath mixer, or part of the same system?

Consider the overall interiors as well. Do you have a period property and want to reflect that in the scheme? Or, do you have a new-build and want to include all the latest gizmos and gadgets?

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Maybe most importantly – however – is your water pressure. Sounds like a boring detail, but if you go for that large circle design, and have poor pressure, you’re going to be getting more or a dribble than a good wash. If you have low water pressure, a smaller shower head is most likely best for you. Talk to your bathroom designer for more advice on this.

Once you’ve thought about all of this, why not check out some of the latest shower heads on the market for some inspiration? Happy browsing….

shower heads
5th Avenue shower head in chrome, £1109, West One Bathrooms.
Aquabella Omnia
.Omnia shower column and head, from £1200, Aquabella.
shower heads
MPRO stream shower head in brushed stainless steel, £1395, Crosswater.
Burlington Trent Thermostatic dual
Trent Thermostatic dual outlet concealed diverter shower valve in gold, £1298, Burlington.
shower heads
Royal Midas shower light, from £1999, Keuco.
Hansgrobe Pulsify
Pulsify overhead shower 260 2jet with wall connector, from £571, Hansgrohe.
shower heads
Origin handshower set in copper, £214, Vitra.
Mira Activate range
Chessleton surface mounted shower in brass, from £5742, Drummonds
Mira Showers Activate range. Starting from £699.

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