Spa bathroom ideas: how I created my home sanctuary

Dreaming of your own space to relax and unwind? For this month’s Been there done that feature, Jessica Abiagom-Page, of @home_is_elmleigh on Instagram, tells us how she converted her loft into a luxurious layout.

“When we were looking for our future home, one of the deciding factors was that it had to have a loft and a cellar to convert. We found a Victorian house which had both – but the main bathroom was tiny. For a family of four, the house needed a second bathroom – that’s where we started with our spa bathroom ideas. 

Before the renovation, the loft was used solely for storage, which could be accessed through a small hatch. It was huge and filled with old train sets. Our brief was to create a tranquil space – a place to escape to at the end of the day. My husband Craig and I carried out the majority of the work ourselves and only enlisted tradespeople when necessary.”

The bath is placed in the shower, with large screens limiting splashes
Before the renovation, the loft was used solely for storage. Now it functions as the couple’s ensuite.

Our spa bathroom ideas

“I wanted to create a wetroom environment, incorporating concrete where possible, but Craig explained that the increased weight would be too great. So, I decided to use micro-cement as an alternative.

As the space is very much an open-plan design, with a wetroom flowing into the other side, we used it across the entire floor, the ceiling, and a large area of the walls to connect all the different areas. 

Luxury spa bathroom ideas were at the forefront of my mind when designing the scheme, so it was important to have ‘his and hers’ showers and a large, double concrete basin.”

Double basins with neutral toilet and microcement on the walls and floors
The large, double concrete basin was on Jessica’s wishlist.

“I also love a relaxing bath occasionally, so including a tub was a must. I fell in love with the large marble-effect tiles and felt that they were perfect to zone the wetroom.

The fixtures and fittings are made from brushed nickel, which complements the micro-cement without distracting from the other focal features within the space. 

The process was difficult but extremely enjoyable. However, I did feel a pang of guilt watching my husband and his friend struggle to fit the large roof windows, measuring 134cm x 160cm. But once those were in place, the transformation was amazing.

It was also quite labour intensive for Craig to fit all the timber work, strengthen the floor, and carry out most of the plumbing work. The space now forms the third part of our primary suite and functions as our ensuite. It allows for a peaceful retreat away from the chaos of everyday family life.”

Spa bathroom ideas in Jessica's space include shower screens, large skylights, and marble details
A bathtub was another must.
The bath is tucked underneath the eaves, in the wetroom area of the space
The large marble-effect tiles help zone the wetroom.

Jessica’s top tips

  • Try to make use of all of the space you have available: rather than waste the awkward area under the eaves, use it for storage or, similar to what I did, place a bath there as it isn’t necessary to have the full height of the ceiling to accommodate it.
  • With careful planning, you’ll be surprised how much you can fit into even the most compact spaces.
  • Find as much inspiration as possible and be daring with your colour combinations. My ensuite is neutral because we wished to create a zen space. However, a loft can be a room where you can have fun when choosing the décor, so be bold.

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