Your complete guide to wetroom bathrooms: Tips & Inspiration

Picture this: brass rainfall showers, luxurious sanitaryware, air purifying house plants in the corner, all on a relaxing neutral tile backdrop. Sounds perfect, right? Well, if this style of bathroom is on your wishlist too, you’re in luck as I’ve gathered all the insight and inspo here at These Three Rooms on wetrooms to help you nail the look. 

But first, what is a true wetroom bathroom? Simply put, a classic wetroom is a fully waterproofed space with no shower enclosures and a drain in the floor, so the entire room safely turns into a shower room.

Ideal for more compact spaces, it can give off that calming spa-like look when paired with modern fittings and fixtures and natural materials, or that chic boutique hotel feeling. 

So, what do you need for a complete wetroom, you ask? 

From anti-slip surfaces, like luxurious tiles or bold murals and wall panels, to rainfall shower heads, plus that much-needed storage space, I’ve rounded up everything you need to design your dream bathroom. So, grab your pen and paper and start working on your wishlist. 

Smart Quiz shower tray with Slate wall panels, Acquabella.

Get the look without waterproofing the entire room 

If you don’t want to tank the entire room, which can be pretty expensive, you could opt for a sleek and clear enclosure to protect your bathroom from splashes and a flush shower tray, and still get that wetroom-style look.

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Check out the latest designs to find the right one to suit your bathroom here

Together with the shower tray, door style and finishing touches, you can create a stylish walk-in shower no matter the size of your space. Lindsay gave us the lowdown on how to get the look right without waterproofing the entire room. 

Now, let’s chat about practicalities 

As with any renovation, the planning process is crucial as you need to ensure you set your budget accordingly, especially since tanking the entire bathroom can be costly. The planning stage is where you can also think about future-proofing your bathroom, so it can still work for you when you get older. So, take your time to think about ways to make it accessible.

Seek expert advice and talk to specialists to answer any questions or worries you may have about creating a wetroom, and find the right trades for your project – this will ensure the success of your design.  

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Then, when considering surfaces, go for low-maintenance materials to avoid spending hours and hours scrubbing away. From choosing the right drain to effectively remove water waste to how to keep on top of moisture with the right extraction system, Stefanie has covered the basics of creating wetrooms here.

Classica wet room panel in brushed brass, Matki.

VIDEO: The Bathroom Sessions

Lindsay spoke to Helen Norvall at HN Designs about the differences between wetrooms. She shared some great design tips and advice on how to get your project off the ground, so it’s definitely work a watch.

What makes a true design and is there an easier option to create a wetroom-style bathroom? Watch their chat and find the answers to your questions… 

In need of more inspo? Then, take a look at these wetroom-style bathrooms 

Whether you’re a bath or shower person, these wetrooms are set to WOW you and get you inspired to create your own. Click here for clever ideas and designs suited to any style, budget or room size.

Revive wave flow shower head, £1489, Crosswater.

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