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From fancy finishes to shower trays, our listeners and readers wrote in with the bathroom dilemmas they wanted answering on How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom, the podcast.

So, for our ninth and penultimate episode of the series I was joined a third and final time by interior designers Brooke Copp Barton and Kia Stanford to answer some of our readers’ and listeners’ bathroom questions.

A large bathroom with freestanding bath
The centrally-positioned freestanding bath has become the focal point in the room. Design by Ripples.

Not heard of it? How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom podcast is full of practical advice and tips. There’s also plenty of inspiration, new ideas and brilliant guests.

“I wouldn’t go budget for a toilet… Anyone who has ever sat on a cheap toilet seat, and felt it almost buckle beneath them, will know that that is not something you want to have in your WC which will be used by guests, or in your own ensuite that’s going to be used every day.”


Here are some of our brilliant bathroom questions…

  • There’s such a difference in the price of toilets – why? Aren’t they all the same?
  • There are so many fancy finishes available now – I’d love to be brave and not go for the classic chrome, but I’m afraid they’ll date or mark. What should I do?
  • So, I can’t get my head around buying a shower tray – help!
  • I don’t have the budget to completely redo my bathroom, what can I do to give it a refresh?

If you have any dilemmas you’d like us to tackle in our next series, please let us know either via email or social media! And remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question!

“You pay for what you get – our default is to always go wall-hung WC because I like that look. I like seeing less of a toilet, personally. I like to see wall space and finishes, I like to see it slightly more integrated and slicker. I like to hide some of that functionality. I also think that off the floor ones make a bathroom more spacious and you can clean underneath it. But then there are times where you might want a fancy high cistern look.”

a shower area in a family bathroom
Victorian Floral Sky panel, from Showerwall.

But before you give it a listen, I have a favour to ask. We want to try and help as many people as possible – whether they’re currently renovating a complete doer-upper or just simply want to refresh their tired bathroom.

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Featured image: Vars bathtub, £3580, Vars Totem, £1302, Base Slate shower tray in Crema, £620, and Urban Mirror, from £195, Acquabella.

Finally, if you want more ideas on bathroom storage, then why not check out our article on clever bathroom ideas.

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