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Bella bedroom storage

Nothing is as satisfying as a good tidy where you put everything in its place, is it? And the bedroom is where you want to feel the most Zen, so it makes sense to organise it properly.

But when it comes to bedroom storage, I’ll freely admit that I’m sometimes a little baffled. I have clothes, bags and shoes to find a home for. This feels easy enough, before you take into account my books, DVDs and other more random elements that have taken up residence in this room.

And it’s the same for many of my friends, it seems. Ahead of writing this, I asked a few of them which room they struggle with most when it comes to organising, and to my genuine surprise, a lot of them said the bedroom.

Brandt Kitchens dressing room
Heritage furniture range painted in a custom colour, price on application, Brandt Kitchens.

On closer inspection, it seems to be because the space is so straightforward on paper: it’s where you go to sleep and change from outdoor clothes into indoor cosies into pyjamas. But when we think about it, we all somehow have more stuff than that.

And we all have our own little struggles with bedroom storage. I, for example, have a colourful array of little piercing balls which get lost very easily. Because I can’t find a satisfying way to store them, they live in a small plastic bag inside of a bigger plastic bag – not the most glamorous.

But what bedroom storage is out there?

Dwell bedroom storage ottoman
Rivere velvet kingsize ottoman bed in Olive Green and brass, £899, Dwell.

The most classic idea is, arguably, the storage bed. And it makes sense, too – this piece of furniture already takes up a lot of floor area, so it’s smart to get it to serve double duty.

Jonathan Adler bedside table
Turner Pagoda side table, £1650, Jonathan Adler.

When picking your storage bed, make sure it’s easy for you to operate. A mattress can be surprisingly heavy, not to mention the frame itself. Try it out in the store if you can, and also enquire about the lifting mechanism.

Speaking of lifting – think about where you want to place your bed. Opening it from one side might not work in your chosen layout, in which case it’s better to have the lifting mechanism at the bottom.

Draks bedroom storage desk
Sliding doors can be added to Draks’ fitted wardrobes. Price on application.

Need more bedroom storage ideas?

Continuing with the classics, fitted wardrobes are massively popular – and they’re definitely not old fashioned. I’m of the firm belief that there is a style out there for everyone, whether you like it more traditional or prefer a super-contemporary look.

Make sure you add clever features, too. Lit hanging rails, for example, are great if you have a lot of clothes in similar shades, and generally make it easier to pick outfits.

Daval Mayfair storage drawers
Mayfair Bronze drawers with new eco leather drawer inserts, price on application, Daval.

How about fitting handy LED lights that activate when the door opens, too, for ease of use? And don’t forget you can truly customise the interior layout. Whether you have drawers for specific accessories, a wall of shoes, or only hanging racks – the choice is yours.

Saw cut chest of drawers, £595, Vincent and Barn.

Freestanding furniture, of course, is also a great solution. Not only do these pieces allow for a lot of design freedom, they’re also easy to take along with you if you move. So you can simply pack them up and take them along to your new home.

Ercol bedroom storage
Teramo two-door wardrobe, £1905, Ercol.

Not convinced? Make your bedroom storage ultra modern and transform a corner into your dressing area. You can do this by adding hanging rails, or opting for a contemporary wall organising system.

It’s not only practical but super cool, too, plus it allows you to show off some of your favourite pieces. I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a dress or two that would steal the show.

Bedroom storage wall wardrobe
Mogg Antologia wall wardrobe system, from £3250, Go Modern.

What about more subtle additions?

Whether you already have your wardrobes sorted or simply want to incorporate some smaller updates, there are plenty of options.

Ligne Roset bedroom storage basket
Charmotte basket, from £221, Ligne Roset.

For example, I have a few colourful boxes to keep ballet gear and other dance stuff organised in my wardrobe. One holds pink tights, another leotards, and the third is the closest my dance skirts will ever get to being tidy.

In general, boxes are a simple but effective way to sort out your bedroom storage. They come in lots of different sizes and designs, and you can even get them on wheels to slide under your bed (if possible).

Tori Murphy basket
Rose storage basket, £54, Tori Murphy.

Why not add a basket to hold decorative pillows while you sleep? If that’s not your style, it’s also the perfect way of keeping an extra blanket close to hand.

Of course, they’re also a fun way to store children’s books or toys that makes it easy for little ones to help tidy up.

Also think about adding bedroom storage benches or boxes to your space. Not only do they look stylish and offer a handy place to keep things, they can also double as side tables or a place to sit.

Beach House storage box, £246, Zurleys.

Featured image: The Bella range in Blush Pink and Urban Oak Venice, price on application, Blossom Avenue.

For more of my storage tips, read the two other features in this series, covering kitchens and bathrooms. Then your friends and family won’t believe how organised you are!

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