Guest bedroom tips for perfect hosting

a guest bedroom featuring a double bed with blue bedding and a black bedside lamp

It’s Christmas soon, and many of us are having guests to stay. If you’ve headed straight to your guest bedroom only to find a mountain of clutter to organise, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

I’ve got plenty of guest bedroom tips to get yours up to a boutique hotel standard. From the basics to all the design details, this Christmas you’ll be sure to impress your guests…

Firstly, make sure the bed is comfortable

A key must-have for your guest bedroom is the bed and its mattress. This is where you can decide on the style of your scheme as the bed will help dictate your aesthetic – from bohemian-inspired with a warm colour palette and natural textures to a glamorous space with metallic accents and lush materials.

It is important to choose a comfy mattress for your guests to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. After all, nobody wants to wake up with an achy neck or back, right? To ensure you find the right one, read our guide on how to choose a new mattress first.

Or if you’ve already got your mattress in place, remember to rotate it, especially if it hasn’t been used for a long time.

a guest bedroom with a wooden bed and white bedding with a natural jute rug on the floor
Guest bedroom tips: A classic, wooden bed is set to add warmth to your guest bedroom. Go for a matching nightstand and keep the décor minimal for a relaxing scheme. Southwold bed, £950 for a double, Cox & Cox.
oversized cushions on a white double bed in a room full of neutral decor
Go for an all-white scheme for a calm and bright space. Include oversized cushions and soft rugs for added comfort. The new Cowslip bed from Button & Sprung gives off a cloud-like look.
a guest bedroom with a grey double bed with green cushions
Guest bedroom tips: If you love darker interiors, you can choose shades of blue or green to promote a feeling of serenity. Choose a neutral bedframe like the Pemberton Grey Velvet bed, £349.99 for a double, Furniture Choice, and a really comfy mattress.
a scandi inspired room with a double bed with grey bedding
Create a Scandi-inspired guest bedroom scheme with wooden textures, pampas grass and wicker baskets. The Chester pure white 5ft king size bed, £499, Cotswold Co is topped with plenty of cushions and throws for extra comfort.

Secondly: short on space? No problem!

Sofa beds are the quiet heroes of small rooms, as they are very practical and can be very stylish too. You can add a two-seater sofa bed in a beige or grey shade in your guest bedroom which will give you plenty of sleeping space, plus you can use it as your cosy reading nook too.

Or choose a statement loveseat in a jewel tone to add a focal point in your design.

With the amount of styles, colours and sizes available nowadays, it might be a bit tricky to find the right one for your space and taste. But luckily, Lindsay put together a handy guide on finding the right size sofa bed for your room.

a guest bedroom with a blue sofa bed with bedding in neutral colours
Guest bedroom tips: You can fit a bed even in the most compact bedroom, you just have to find a clever design. The Bed In A Bun single fold away guest bed, £595, from Loaf comes is a beautiful shade of turquoise to brighten up your scheme.
a teal sofa bed with purple and blue bedding in a large room with a chandelier
If you use your guest bedroom as a home office too, but still need an extra sleeping spot, you can go for the Isla loveseat sofa bed in Jade Smart Velvet, £1930, It looks chic during the day and it’s comfortable during the night. But don’t be tempted to take a nap in your lunch break.
a guest bedroom with a sofa bed in navy and white
Guest bedroom tips: You can never go wrong with a neutral sofa – it simply blends within your scheme. The Coco 2 seater sofa bed in Chanel Cream, £1129, cushions from £30, and lamp, £99, Sofology offers plenty of space for your guests to rest.

Thirdly: go for quality bedlinen

Think luxurious cotton, airy linen or soft sateen. Recreate that boutique hotel look in your guest bedroom with a stand-out bedding set in breathable fabrics. Go for crisp white bundle for a classic look, or play around with colour to add a pop of personality.

a purple and beige bed linen set under a picture of mountains
Create contrast in your scheme with a deep bed linen set. 100% Pure French linen bedding, from £30, Soak & Sleep.
a guest bedroom featuring a large bed with lots of cushions in neutral colours
Guest bedroom tips: The Mist 200TC cotton bedding bundle, £125.50 for a double, Loom & Last looks perfect with no ironing needed – bonus.
a double bed with sea mist grey linen
For a sanctuary-like bedroom, choose muted shades of grey like the Sea Mist Grey linen bedding bundle, £215 for a double. Chalk Pink Linen Co.
a guest bedroom featuring a grey double bed with grey and white bedding
Guest bedroom tips: If you love a dash of glamour in your guest bedroom, then choose an incredibly soft and smooth fabric for your bedding such as the Lexington 300TC duvet cover double white two line satin stitch, £120, The Fine Cotton Company.

Fourthly, focus on storage, storage… and more storage

You can never ever have enough, right? Your guests be able to unpack and keep their clothing and essentials fresh and tidy during their trip. You’ll also benefit from the extra storage space too. So, add a large wardrobe, a rattan sideboard or a spacious dresser to maintain an organised and practical room.

a pink double bed next to a side table with a table lamp
A nice side table or nightstand is a bedroom essential. Pop on ambient lighting, an extra charger and your favourite décor to liven it up a bit. Trio white bedside table, £199.99, MY Furniture.
a guest bedroom with a sloping fitted wardrobe in ash wood
Guest bedroom tips: Have you converted your loft into a guest bedroom? Make the most of the space you have available with made-to-measure, built-in furniture. The Scandi Nordic fitted bedroom furniture, from £2000, Sharps, provides plenty of space for your guests to unpack for their stay.
open shelving with clothes hanging on it
Limited space available and can’t really fit in a large wardrobe or dresser? Then open shelving or a chic clothing rail are great options to ensure your guests can keep their essentials organised. Bloomingville Valde clothes rack, £385, Sweetpea & Willow.

Guest bedroom tips: Perfect those finishing touches

If your guest bedroom doesn’t get much natural light, then add solutions to illuminate the space. From pendant and wall lights to bedside lamps, create a layered scheme for a cosy atmosphere. Try Stefanie’s tips for the key must-haves when choosing your bedroom lighting. Curtains or roller blinds are a must too, for a comfortable night’s sleep, so choose ones to work well within your scheme.

If you’ve got a small space, mirrors are a great trick to open it up. Plus, your guests will appreciate a full-length mirror to take one last look before leaving, or a nice dressing table where they can do their makeup, for example.

Think of what you’d love to have in your space when staying over at your friend’s or family’s house and make sure to include that in your guest bedroom.

a Scandi inspired guest bedroom featuring natural lampshades and a double bed with neutral bedding
Guest bedroom tips: The Ridotti Natural floor lamp, £139 and Ridotti Natural pendant, £99, available from Lights and Lamps. They add a chic bohemian-inspired feel to this bedroom.
a large mirror in a neutral room with a beige armchair and black and white pictures on the wall
A nice design element to your guest bedroom is a mirror like the stylish Adria pebble shape dress mirror 127 x 57cm, Matt Black, £169, Made.
a guest bedroom with a white double bed, a wooden nightstand with a lamp on it, and black window blinds
Guest bedroom tips: Make sure your guests enjoy that Sunday lie-in with blackout blinds. Kana pleated blind in Black, from £19.98, Swift Direct Blinds.

Guest bedroom tips: Don’t forget about ambience

The way you feel in a room can truly make or break your experience. Pay attention to those small details like having fresh towels at the ready and a lavender-infused pillow spray. Also include a soy wax candle on the nightstand for a cosy touch and daily essentials and toiletries for your guests to enjoy.

Plus, house plants or fresh flowers will create a calming atmosphere in your guest bedroom, with their air purifying and mood boosting benefits.

Think of what your guests enjoy and get those small treats ready for when they arrive.

a yellow and purple reed diffuser from Neom
Ensure your guests sleep well with aromatherapy. The Perfect Night’s Sleep reed diffuser, £38, Neom has a blend of lavender, sweet basin and jasmine – so dreamy.
a white and beige body clock lamp from Lumie
Guest bedroom tips: The Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 Wake up to Daylight SAD light, £79, John Lewis is perfect for all-year round. It will definitely help your guests fall asleep more easily and wake up more refreshed.
a fractured blue pot on a nightstand
Lastly: small but mighty, this is the Fiddle Leaf Fig in Fractured Blue Pot, £34, Leaf Envy. It adds a fresh and chic touch to any nightstand.

Featured image: Moleanos limestone, from £240 per sq m, Cullifords.

So, did you enjoy this feature on guest bedroom tips? Then get even more ideas here.

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