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Instagram renovations

What’s your go-to place for design and interiors inspiration (yes, apart from @kbbmagazine and These Three Rooms, of course)? For me it’s definitely social media. I tend to get lost when scrolling through beautiful kitchen, bedroom and bathroom designs and real-life Instagram renovation projects. Please tell me you’re guilty of this too…?

There’s an abundance of inspiration and renovation motivation online, so if you are looking for design ideas and top tips from someone who’s done it, here are my favourite Instagram renovations I’m keeping up with this year to help you put your screen time to good use…

Holly and her family moved into their home in 2018 and is currently documenting the process of their extension and full renovation, from the initial plan to before and after pictures of each room. The bathroom is one of my favourites so far – it’s the perfect mix of style and Zen. Follow along for lots of inspiration and take a peek in their family life through Holly’s interactive captions.
Hannah Rocks is taking us along her 1930s family home renovation in Liverpool. If you love interior styling, seasonal flowers and a good bath, her account will definitely brighten up your feed. Plus her dog Ted makes the occasional appearance and is adorable! Her gorgeous kitchen transformation complete with a luxurious island, plenty of storage space and perfectly placed lighting has definitely sparked my interest. With a couple more rooms to go, I’ve got my eyes on Hannah’s account for the grand reveal.
Katy, her husband Sy and daughter Maisy have been living in the Tresco House in Northants for a little over two years. They bought the home in August 2018, moved in November 2018 and continue to upgrade their space and inspire us one room at a time. If you scroll down on their Instagram feed, you can catch up on the renovation progress – trust me, you will definitely say WOW! With pops of blue and charcoal and splashes of white and grey in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, their project is beautifully coming together.
Do you have a love for dark interiors? Then The Realistic Renovation will give you some handy ideas for your moodboard. The couple behind the account are currently renovating their 1969 three-bed link-detached property, “with a mad layout and a great-granny’s interior”, and are taking us along with them. Check out their building plans, get involved by helping them choose between swatches and follow along to see the final result.
The couple begun to share their four-bedroom Edwardian home renovation in Sussex on Instagram in February 2019. Have a look through their Instagram highlights for updates on everything house related, from walls and floors to the master bedroom and garden. They regularly post progress pictures with before and after shots and share lots of DIY projects. If you love upcycling and discovering the ins and outs of a self-made renovation, make sure to virtually visit their home.
Ben and Lizzie Adams moved in their East London late 1800s Victorian mid terrace in April 2019 and began renovating straight away. They’ve decided on a loft extension to add two bedrooms and a bathroom. From moodboards with plenty of swatches and inspiring imagery to room by room updates and insights on the finishing touches, they are sharing their progress each step of the way. I love their stunning kitchen that incorporates my favourite shape of tiles and the trendy pink and green combo – I’d say #kitchengoals for sure. Take a peek to see for yourself.
Mark and Mark started their stylish and sleek house and garden renovation in Aberdeenshire in February 2017. They share amazing transformation images, shelfies and updates on how their home is coming together. Plus you can virtually visit their home through short and sweet IGTV videos called ‘Come On In’. Spoiler alert: Their handleless kitchen design and spa-like bathroom with a beautiful LED mirror are some of my favourites.
The Perrys and their lovely pets embarked on their renovation journey in January 2020. Go back to their first posts to see the original plans and scroll back up to keep up with the progress of their home in Basingstoke, through amazing radical transformations and throwbacks. They love colour and funky wallpaper designs, and they’ve definitely got an eye for stunning tiles and worktop surfaces. Take a close look though their Instagram highlights to catch up on the progress so far and browse through each room.
Tim, Siobhan, Hartley and Raf purchased their Victorian property in South Croydon in July 2019 and moved in shortly after. Their little helpers don’t shy away from work and enjoy being a part of the renovation. They’ve got a stunning terrazzo bathroom that looks like straight out of a glossy magazine’s pages. If you are a terrazzo lover, you can spot it in the kitchen too with brass and gold accents.  
Katy and James are renovating their home at Witley Court & Gardens. With a unique story of the property and some hiccups along the way, follow them as they plan and get their project off the ground – from panelling the dining room to repainting and installing their Shaker-style kitchen. One room I am for sure excited to see is their cinema/living room as they’ve soundproofed and blocked out any external noise. 

Don’t forget to add #kbbmag to your posts – you could even find yourself in a future roundup!

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