The Kitchen Sessions: How to plan a kitchen NOW

Ok, so I won’t beat around the bush here. When it comes to planning a kitchen, what with social distancing, temporary store closures and all the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought with it, there’s a LOT to think about – even more than ‘normal” (whatever that is).

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If your to-do list now includes ‘plan a kitchen’, you’re not alone. Since lockdown, there’s been a surge of people tackling DIY jobs, researching renovations and updating rooms to suit new functions (who’s added a home office set up? Me!).

But, have you looked at your space and thought about 1) how it doesn’t really work how you need it too; 2) that there’s not enough room for multi-functional living these days?; 3) there’s nowhere near enough storage; or 4) how you just want a little area to enjoy some peace and quiet? Yes to all of the above?

If you’ve decided it’s time to rethink your kitchen – big or small – we’ve got just the ticket. In our new series of webinars, I chat to kitchen design experts to get their know-how on trends, tips to help you plan a kitchen, what to expect when buying and talking about the latest features and ideas to bring into your space.

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