Renovation inspiration: how to find ideas on social media

renovation inspiration

Looking for renovation inspiration and design ideas for your new house project? Nothing beats social media for up-to-the-minute inspo at the touch of your fingertips, I reckon.

But, what I will definitely say, though, is with so much renovation inspiration at the touch of a button, it’s very easy to get a bit overwhelmed. Or, more disheartening still, feel as if your house could never match up to the incredible projects showcased online.

Even worse, you can enter such a warren of pretty squares that your relaxing scroll may turn into a dizzy nightmare. Then it’ll leave you totally unsatisfied instead – we’ve all lost far too much time down those social media holes, haven’t we? Tell me it isn’t just me!

To help you remain positive, here are my five tips on getting the best out of the platforms without feeling as if they are taking over. Be warned, though: online, endless renovation inspiration ideas are always only a few swipes away…

renovation inspiration
Am I the only one who’s glued to Insta? Thought not! Photography: iStock.
Use hashtags for renovation inspiration

In order to be able to find what you are interested in on Instagram, it’s a good idea to start using and following relevant hashtags.

For general renovation inspiration, you could start with established interiors hashtags that will flash up consistently. For example, #interiordesign #interiorinspo #interior123 or #homeinspo.

But you could also look at more niche renovation inspiration hashtags – this is where you will find homes more relevant to the British market. Hashtags such as #myhousethismonth, for instance, showcase cool things people have done in their spaces. They have different themes for each day, so are full of real projects to give you inspiration for your own home.

You can then start using hashtags according to what you’re looking for renovation inspiration on – think #shakerkitchen, #livingroomdecor or #greenbedroom. Those should lead to finding homes that really inspire you. You can then save pictures you particularly love to your collections to look at again later.

Try more general hashtags such as #renovation and #renovationproject if you are looking for big-scale house renovation inspiration too.

a modern neutral living area
Fully furnished interior of a modern living room generated digitally. 3d render of a contemporary living room interior.
Find and follow accounts that you like

To use social media to its fullest, it’s important to find the right people to follow who will inspire and interest you. They will give you renovation inspiration that you can make your own.

If you’re doing a remodel project, it’s great to click with others who are doing the same thing. So look for accounts owned by people who are self building or renovating. They will have great Pinterest boards you can access, too.

At the moment, some accounts I’d say are worth following would be @hygge_for_home and @shnordic. They are both doing builds from scratch and are sharing their tales at @renovation_stories.

You could also try Lucy and Dan’s @victoria_road_restoration. They completed a total overhaul of their Victorian house, which included gutting the entire property, replacing all the windows, and adding a large kitchen extension at the back.

Other accounts I like include the colourful @comedowntothewoods (who also organises interiors events in the North). And, for dark styles, @suszi_saunders, whose sustainable and eco interiors are to be applauded.

renovation inspiration
Social media is a great source of renovation inspiration. Photography: iStock.

Once you have started using the correct hashtags and follow the right people, it’s time to begin saving your favourite images. You can then build a renovation inspiration gallery which you can return to.

You can even screenshot the most inspiring photographs and start making a moodboard on your phone.

Pinterest is also brilliant for this, although I find the images that show up there are sometimes less fresh than on Instagram.

Ask Facebook to find recommendations

The good thing about Facebook is that you can ask your friends – who are often local – for advice. You’ll then get first-hand referrals for everyone from a tradesperson to a delivery driver.

This can be very helpful if you are project managing yourself, or if someone has let you down at the last minute. Go to your timeline view and then to the recommendations icon on Facebook. Don’t forget to add in the map feature so it is at its highest effectiveness – then ask away.

Seek out brands you like

The magazines and print outlets you prefer might still be your favourites on social media, too. We’ll take the fact that you’re on this website as an example!

Also, it’s worth remembering that lots of the best magazines (including us, of course) will also be active on Pinterest and Instagram, and often run their own hashtags, social media get-togethers, and competitions.

For endless kitchen, bathroom and bedroom inspiration, don’t forget to follow @kbbmagazine and use #thesethreerooms.

Happy renovating!

a dining table against exposed brickwork
You’ll find plenty of renovation inspiration images just like this. Photography: iStock.

Featured image: Ciara Elliott in her home office.
Image credit: Malcolm Menzies.

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