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    Common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them

    Ciara Elliott in her home office

    I’ve certainly made my fair share of questionable decisions over the years – I have a burnt orange wall in the passage way to the downstairs cloakroom, which I thought was so very 1960s Corbusier when painting it. Now I think it looks more like something you would see in an NHS dentist – but luckily, I have lived to tell the tale and can impart the resulting wisdom onto you…

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    Where do you get your decorating inspiration?


    Question: when embarking on a fresh design for your home, where do you start? Are you the sort of person who breaks it down into chunks and designs each room – kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms – separately? Or are you a bigger thinker and find it easier to imagine a cohesive flowing scheme from the start? Personally, I aspire to be in the latter category…

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