Buying a new kitchen worktop? Trends and ideas for 2024

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen from scratch, or simply need a refresh, finding the right surfaces is no mean feat. Your new worktop needs to suit your style, complement cabinetry, and be practical for everyday use. If you need more guidance on finding the right surfaces for your kitchen, click here.

Now, when it comes to aesthetics, the worktop trends for 2024 boast personality, style and wow factor. Ready to discover the latest ideas? Then read on…

blue design with authentic marble surfaces and splashback
Westminster Style kitchen design by Herringbone Kitchens with marble surfaces, from £28,000.

Kitchen worktop trends 2024:

Marble worktops

Veiny marble continues to be top of the wishlist for many renovators. “It is the ultimate bespoke worktop due to no marble slab ever being the same, which in turn also makes it so desirable,” says William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens. “The fact that it will develop a patina over time, giving it a vintage look is part of the appeal of choosing marble. With this in mind marble speaks for itself, the natural veins, patterns and colours of the worktop giving it a contemporary yet timeless look, which in itself acts like a piece of art.”

But before you set your heart on this striking material, you need to know it is soft and porous, making it more susceptible to stains and scratches. However, a great option for busy households is polished marble, which is more resistant to everyday use. For more guidance on marble, from care to cost, click here.

rustic design with marble surfaces
Breccia Medicea marble, from £1,100 per sq m, Cullifords.

So, how can you welcome this natural material into your scheme? You can opt for a chunky marble-topped island to make a statement or create a cohesive look by matching your worksurfaces and splashbacks. “An eye-catching marble surface is guaranteed to make a statement in the kitchen, and even more so if you opt for the same surface on both your countertops and splashback,” advises Oliver Webb, director at natural and manmade stone supplier Cullifords. “Opting for a marble with varied shades and tones and statement veining is something we are sure we will continue to see a lot more of, in both classic and modern spaces alike.”

Pretty porcelain

“For 2024, the trend for using porcelain in our homes will continue to grow,” says Mor Krisher, head of product design at surfaces manufacturer Caesarstone. And what’s not to love? Porcelain is a durable material, making it ideal for family kitchens or keen cooks. Plus, it is incredibly versatile, providing you with plenty of design options to complete your kitchen.

“Beautifully combining aesthetic with durability, porcelain ticks all the boxes for quality and versatility. Whether you’re after a bolder, dramatic style with a darker hue or looking to create a light, natural atmosphere with something softer, then this material can offer just that. Beyond aesthetics, porcelain is highly resistant to heat, scratch and stain resistant, non-porous and simple to clean,” explains Mor.

open and bright kitchen with veiny porcelain worktops
503 Circa, Caesarstone worktops from £2,000.

Quality quartz

Quartz, an engineered stone made of around 93% crushed quartz, is another popular material amongst renovators thanks to its more consistent colour and pattern, durability, and easy maintenance. “Incredibly strong, highly durable and beautiful to look at, a quartz countertop is all your kitchen needs,” says Julia Steadman, commercial director at interior design specialist Brandt Design.

But why stop at the worktop? Because it is such a versatile and durable material, there are plenty of ways to include quartz in your kitchen design – from islands and splashbacks to upstands and practical shelves. “In 2024, look out for under-counter solutions like slimline drawers to hide away utensils, and pop-up power points to charge up your laptop or follow a recipe with ease,” adds Julia.

reeded kitchen featuring cabinets in Bayley and worktops in Arabesca Polished quartz
Harvey Jones X Swoon The Hove reeded kitchen featuring cabinets in Bayley and worktops in Arabesca Polished quartz. Kitchens start from £12,000.

Dark absolute

If you love a bit of drama in your kitchen, this next trend could be perfect for you. “Dark kitchens look to be even more dramatic for 2024. Black worksurfaces and splashbacks will be paired with other black elements, such as stained or painted cabinetry or lighting for a wow factor and opulent result,” says Claudio Corniola, research and design director at surfaces manufacturer Laminam.

kitchen design wit handleless units and dark marble island
I Naturali Series in Noir Desir, £410 per sq m for 12mm thickness, Laminam.

Create a moody aesthetic with the help of wood handleless units, matt black appliances, sleek taps and sinks, and dark statement worksurfaces adorned with veins and swirls. Lighting plays a key role in this type of scheme, so make sure you factor this in at the planning stage.

wood kitchen with herringbone flooring and black worktops
Le Chic by Cosentino in Romantic Ash, from £300 per sq m.

Curved silhouettes

Curves and arches have proven incredibly popular in recent years and are here to stay. What’s more, the experts are noticing a shift towards soft and rounded worktop edges. “Ergonomic, organic and inviting, a curved worktop is the ultimate addition to any kitchen in 2024 as it immediately softens the space and adds an element of calm,” says Hege Lundh, marketing and business development director at Lundhs Real Stone. “An exquisite design element for a kitchen island, it’s beneficial for busy family homes or those who love to entertain as it ensures guests are comfortable when gathering around the island.”

curved worktop design in wood kitchen
Lundhs Blue worktop, from £680 per sq m, Lundhs Real Stone.

Wood worktops

Wood is one of the key materials in kitchen design this year – from grainy wood cabinetry and rustic worktops to exposed beams and reclaimed flooring. “Warm woods are set to be a popular trend in 2024 thanks to the material’s natural beauty and imperfections, whilst adding timeless versatility and texture,” says Alex Main, director at The Main Company.

“Wood, and more specifically reclaimed wood, is a great way to add warmth and personality to a kitchen via your worktops, making it feel instantly cosy and inviting. Reclaimed wood is an environmentally sustainable choice which is visually appealing and offers unique qualities that are difficult to replicate with man-made materials. Its unique grain pattern and varying colours help to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space and complement different design styles with ease – from traditional and rustic to modern and contemporary,” explains Alex.

Ready to bring a touch of the outdoors in?

island with wood breakfast bar and steel stools
Kitchen design by The Main Company. Photography: Chris Snook.

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