Dining tables: how to choose the right one for you

Dining table

Is there a better feeling than the family gathering around a dining table and losing track of time while reminiscing your best memories? Holidays are for sure some of my favourite moments of when I was younger, especially around Easter time when everything bloomed outside and somehow, everyone managed to leave their busy schedules aside for a couple of days to celebrate. 

Dining tables have been witnesses to our most private conversations, hours of laughter and plenty of delicious food. They are versatile items and choosing the right one can dictate the aesthetic of your kitchen or dining area.

The classic table – with a twist
Wooden tables have a homely feeling to them, don’t you agree? And there is a plethora of designs when it comes to dining tables, as they are the predominant choice in any household. You can go old-school and choose a classic rectangular table or one with a vintage base – you can paint it to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. 
dining tables
You can never go wrong with a classic wooden dining table such as Swoon’s Bray dining table in mango wood, £529. Recreate the look with Illias rug in natural and black, £399; electra pendant light in concrete and glass, £59 and Nova 12-piece dinner set in blue and grey, £119.
An extendable table for the holidays
If you have a big family, like me, you’ve always had an extendable table – somehow, it really fits everyone around it (even if you have to get those extra chairs out of storage!). Growing up, my home was the hub for family holidays and spontaneous gatherings – which of course, involved lots of good traditional food and many family members coming over on a Sunday. My parents opted for an extendable table, as it would always come in handy during those times.
An extendable table is great for family gatherings, such as Loaf’s Country Mile extendable kitchen table, priced £1245. Add a Bumpkin bench, priced £445, and a Little Bumpkin stool, priced £145, for comfortable seating.
The dining table with benches
An oak dining table adds a rustic touch to your home and swapping chairs for benches has its benefits too! For example, you can combine style with practicality and save space by being able to fit more people around it – which makes it the perfect family dining table – and it’s great for the kids or for squeezing on an extra person if you don’t mind being a little cosy.
dining tables
Add a rustic touch to your dining room with this Modish Living Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Trestle 160cm Table, priced from £559 – plus, it’s extendable.
Limited space? Why not try a round table?
Even though a round table might not seem spacious enough, most are actually designed to fit at least four people around it – depending on its size. If you lack space but would still like a dining table in your home, a round table can solve your problems as it’s compact and easy to fit in a corner – add a built-in banquette with storage underneath to really maximise on corner space. 
This Cornelia dining set with oak round table and 4 pink chairs from Habitat, priced £775, is a great option if you have limited space in your home.
Add an industrial touch
The industrial style has recently gained popularity and became a go-to for accessorising and personalising a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. You can achieve the look through subtle accessories such as pendant lights, the texture of a shelf or an exposed brick wall – or a dining table with a black metal base and rough wooden top.
dining tables
Mix rustic with industrial with this Live Edge Dining Table from Limited Abode, priced £1695 – a great way to bring your kitchen or dining room out of the ordinary.
For a glamorous look, choose a marble table
The marble table is an elegant piece of furniture and the white, black and grey accents adds a luxurious touch to any space. Keep in mind that real marble will easily stain so you’ll have to be rigorous with clean ups. Too much maintenance? Look for copycat designs made from composite materials that are more durable. Bonus: this look won’t go out of style, I say.
This Furniture Choice Savoy round white marble and chrome dining table with 4 Perth white leather chairs, priced £499.99, can offer your kitchen or dining room a glamorous look.
The modern-looking table
I’m more classic when it comes to décor and I can say I don’t particularly like to venture into purchasing futuristic-looking pieces. However, the contemporary aesthetic is one of the most sought after designs and a modern dining table can help tie the look together. The focal point of your dining room is the table, so be bold and go for unique designs. 
dining tables
There is no doubt this Miniforms Barry Dining Table from Go Modern, priced from £3490, is a statement in any dining room.
The glass table
Tables with a glass top bring a fresh look to a room as their see-through effect gives off the impression of an open room – so it won’t feel overcrowded even in a smaller room. But beware, if you are clumsy and are scared of breaking it as soon as you unpack it from the delivery box, go for a thick glass dining table to avoid shattering it to pieces. 
A glass table like this Danetti four to six seater glass dining table, priced £149, can open up your dining room or kitchen.
Go for a minimal design
Dining tables with less intricate designs can keep a room looking clean and sharp. If you like a minimalist-looking kitchen or dining room, go for a white tabletop with thin legs made of oak to recreate the Scandinavian look. The different finishes will contrast each other and offer your space a neat aspect.
dining tables
Recreate the Scandinavian aesthetic with the Kenji dining table, priced £329, and Skyla set of two dining chairs, priced £99, from housecosy.
Indoor-outdoor dining
Move your dining area outside by placing your dining table on the patio along with a couple raffia chairs. What a better way to spend this Easter than dining outside? Even better, shop for outdoor furniture that complements your indoor choices – the same styles will help your spaces really flow. All is left to hope for is sunny weather.
A stunning set is the Point Paralel collection from Go Modern, which includes the garden dining table, priced from £2920, and chairs, priced £730 each.

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Featured image: Choose the right dining table, just in time for seasonal celebrations. iStock/Liliboas 

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