How to use colour in your home: Hello November 2022 issue

How to use colour

My two-year-old is going through a phase of pointing out colours, and connecting them with a family member. Anything pink is mummy’s favourite, blue is daddy’s, and apparently red is our dog Rudy’s. And of course, lest I forget, yellow is her favourite. While this is adorable, I actually think there’s something in it. We can all connect certain shades to people we know. My friend Hardeep is never seen out-out without a bright pink or red lipstick. Our sub editor, Stef, rarely wears anything other than black, while if I see something purple – from bedding to oven gloves – I know my sister-in-law will like it. Which I think proves that colour can be a very individual and personal thing. So, why does using colour in your home feel so scary?

Well, actually, it doesn’t have to be. More and more of us are looking for brighter and bolder hues to create a personal design statement in our homes. If you’re ready to start including colour in your home, we show you how to do so in your kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

For kitchens, do you have a favourite shade? We take a look at some of the most popular hues right now, and how to use them – from completely colour drenching your space to only using a splash.

While in bathrooms, we look at some of the latest fixtures and fittings that will make a real colour statement.

how to use colour in your bathroom

We also have some beautifully bright and bold real projects for further inspiration. Including interior designer and TV presenter Linda Barker‘s gorgeous green kitchen.

Her space is full of texture and natural materials – and mainly drawers as she ‘hates, hates, hates’ cupboards. (Her reasoning being that things get lost in them – which I can totally understand!)

use colour in your home

Also in the issue, we look at colourful appliances (both large and countertop) and how to use concrete. In addition, we cover the very latest news and launches, and how to decorate your bedroom walls.

colourful appliances

So if you’re going to put more colour in your home, whatever your palette, or colour of choice, I wish you the best of luck with your project.

Enjoy the issue,

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