Looking for clever kitchen storage? Check out our Readly exclusive

KBB's first Readly exclusive cover

Tired of the clutter? Want a clean and clear worktop? Wish your space simply functioned better? Then our debut Readly exclusive is exactly what you need.

Within Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms’ first 80-page Readly exclusive – titled Your guide to kitchen storage – there are features on all things storage: from cabinetry, accessories, larders, utilities, laundry rooms, and boot rooms to wine storage. There will also be real case studies that showcase the best of the above. Let me tell you more…

For more than 30 years KBB has guided homeowners towards completing their dream kitchen projects, bathroom renovations and bedroom makeovers – while providing copious amounts of inspiration for future ones too. 

With all this experience, knowledge and insight at our fingertips, we decided to create a series of exclusives. By collating past features from the magazine and breathing new life into them, we aim to provide you with our expertise and advice on popular subjects all in one place. 

An article in our Readly exclusive on storage ideas

If you’re not sure what Readly is, it’s a monthly magazine subscription service with unlimited reading from thousands of publications all in one app.

Not signed up? No problem! We’ve partnered with Readly to offer you a two-month free trial – click here to get started!

Why kitchen storage, you ask…

Our first issue concentrates on clever kitchen storage: an area that we have found to be integral to homeowners over the years.

In fact, the most read articles on thesethreerooms.comand our most listened to How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom podcast episodes, are usually on the matter.

And now, more than ever, I can see why. These days, our kitchens aren’t just the place we cook. They’re where we dine, entertain, work, socialise and – generally – spend most of our time when at home.

Article on larders in our kitchen storage readly exclusive

So clearing away the clutter, ensuring there’s good ergonomics and making our spaces work for us is extremely important. 

With more than 70 pages packed full of clever kitchen storage ideas, you’ll be one step closer to your dream design in no time!

So grab a coffee, cosy up, and let those ideas flow.

(P.S. why not check out all of KBB’s back issues while you’re there, too?)

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