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Clever storage ideas for your bedroom, you say? I’m in.  Currently, my bedroom is being ruled by my overfilled wardrobe – I don’t know how and I don’t know when this happened, but all the online shopping sprees have caught up with me. My make-up station is one palette away from collapsing and my bedside table… Well, let’s just say that because I like to hold onto most of my possessions, I also need to constantly come up with clever storage ideas that can help keep my bedroom organised – until the next time I decide to order more candles for my collection.

From wardrobes to bedside tables, it’s so important to optimise and maximise your bedroom space, even if you have a master bedroom or a studio to work with. So here are my top tips on how to effectively manage your bedroom space with these clever storage items. But I really need to practise what I preach…

A storage bed
The bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom and besides from it needing to be comfortable, if a bed can turn into a storage unit, then you know it’s the one. Where can you deposit that thick winter duvet? Under the bed. What about your linen sheets? Under the bed. Seasonal clothing? Yes, you guessed it, under the bed – but try not to shove everything and anything in there. Choose a bed according to your personal style and use its storage unit for lesser-user items to save you space.
clever storage ideas for your bedroom
Have extra storage in your bedroom with Loaf‘s Tight Space storage bed with Dumpling headboard, priced £1120.
Fitted wardrobes
When you are in need of more storage, working with your bedroom’s wall space is essential. Go for a customisable wardrobe that can make the plain corner of your room finally play its part.
Lifetime customisable corner wardrobe, from £995, Cuckooland.
Favourites on display
Ever thought about choosing an open-style wardrobe? This way you can see where everything is and ease your early morning routine. Go for a unit that has built-in drawers for extra storage space.
clever storage ideas for your bedroom
Hänga open wardrobe, £3685, Konk Furniture.
Compact wardrobe solutions
Hanging racks are also a great option as they don’t occupy floor space and you can display your most worn items on there.
Ferm Living Pujo hanging coat rack, £179, from Nest.
Multi-purpose dressing table
You can optimise your bedroom space with a dressing table that can also turn into desk – which makes it perfect if you work from home. This way you will have a place to store your everyday essentials and a guaranteed home office. Choose one in a neutral shade that will become part of the decor. 
clever storage ideas for your bedroom
Multi-purpose items are great for optimising your bedroom space. This Vox nature dressing table in Oak effect from Cuckooland, priced £525, can also be turned into a desk.
Additional sitting area
With colourful storage benches and stools you can add personality to your bedroom and deposit your seasonal clothing or other belongings in order to free up your already overfilled wardrobe – plus, you have extra sitting that can work as a reading nook if a fluffy blanket and a cup of tea are added to the scenery.
Jacobs storage bench in teal blue, £275, Habitat.
Try a floating bedside table
We all need a bedside table to keep necessities in, such as tissues, a pillow spray and to have some drinking water overnight. Shelves are effective multi-purpose items that can act as a bookshelf, a bedside table or even a makeup table, depending on their shape, size and where you decide to place them. 
clever storage ideas for your bedroom
Save space with this Inga smoke mirror floating bedside table from MY furniture, priced £79.99.
Extra shelving
A good way to take advantage of your bedroom wall space is to install shelves. This can help you recreate the open shelving aesthetic in your bedroom and have a nice display area for your books, perfumes or a home for your plants. Wall mounted baskets can be placed next to your home office desk to store your work files or perhaps create a nice display for your favourite magazines – I hope KBB is in there too!
Cream three-tier magazine rack, £21, from Dibor.
Compact drawers
When it comes to clever storage, it is important to go for items that can hold a lot of items while having a compact design. Chests of drawers are a great addition to a bedroom because of the space they offer. You can compartmentalise drawers in order to organise them effectively and again, can be used for multi-purposes, not only to store clothing in. 
clever storage ideas for your bedroom
Matilda sideboard in ash and natural rope, £799, Housecosy.
Think about functionality
Multi-purpose items such as tables or stools that have built-in storage space are perfect for decluttering your bedroom. Plus, these multi-functional products keep everything hidden, which helps maintain a tidy and organised space.
Pair of grey and gold hexagon storage tables. £124.95, Melody Maison.

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Featured image: Organise your bedroom space with help from clever storage items. iStock/JZhuk 

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