16 things to do this weekend to get your home organised

I’m serious about storage. Is there anything more satisfying than finding a place for everything and making sure everything has its place? I think not. The words ‘get your home organised’ are enough to give me that motivation to have a good clear out, rearrange shelves, sort cupboards and generally refresh my surroundings – all resulting in the serious glow of ‘man, I am so productive’ once it’s done. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

There’s something very fulfilling about getting organised and I am happy to gloat to whoever will listen about how I’ve decanted kitchen store cupboard essentials into a nice set of jars or found THE BEST solution to sorting my collection of magazines or home office bumph.

So, got a free weekend? Need something to do? I’ve got you…here are my top tips to get your home organised. A few things that won’t take much time, but will give you long lasting gloat material, trust me…

Get organised in the kitchen

1. Sort out your dinnerware

Pop your most-used plates, glasses, placemats and table cloths in a modern dresser closest to the dining table. It’ll make setting the table for family meals easier, plus whoever is doing the setting won’t get under your feet in the kitchen while you’re in there cooking. This one has a sliding door, so you could create a nice display of your crockery and cookbooks and leave it open, or hide away any mess behind the doors (most likely the latter for me, if I’m honest!).

Barn cabinet with sliding door in white by Woood, £919, Cuckooland.

2. Make a laundry station

Ok, back to work/back to school/general family life – you know it means more laundry. Get ready by creating a dedicated zone in your utility or kitchen so you’re ready to whip out the iron at the first cry of “I don’t have a shirt!”. Include a shelf, some hooks for the ironing board and places to hang any sprays you might use. Oh and make sure it’s near a plug.

Melcombe ironing shelf in Lily White, £55, Garden Trading.

3. Rearrange the kitchen cupboards

One of my favourite and most gloat-worthy tasks, sorting the kitchen cupboards is good for the soul. And for your cooking. If your most-used condiments, oils, herbs and spices are nowhere near the cooker, change up where you store these things and allocate a more convenient spot. Ideally, right next to the hob, so you don’t have to go far for that Jamie Oliver-style flourish.

Town & Country Shaker mantle with hidden storage shown in Canterbury in Dust Grey, Mereway Kitchens.

4. Buy the right bins

Don’t chuck all of your waste in one bin. Make sure you have a dedicated one for recycling and also a caddy for food waste. Can you find some space to create a ‘waste’ zone in a cupboard or utility (or if you’re designing a new kitchen, go for built-in solutions)? Organising your waste is one for the list if you’ve not done so already.

GoodHome Kora Bins, from £12, B&Q.

5. Be ready for breakfast

Oh my, just look at it! Everything you need for a quick brekkie, cuppa or snack at 11am. Make mornings easier by creating an area in your kitchen as a breakfast cupboard. Add a toaster and kettle (you’ll need sockets), or coffee machine (likewise re sockets) and I promise those early mornings will seem better. Oh and if you’re rushing out the door and don’t have time to wash up straight away…simply close the doors and address it later. No judgement.

This breakfast cupboard is part of a design by Devol, featuring The Real Shaker Kitchen.

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6. Clear out the fridge

I know, it’s one of those jobs. Right there in the same category as cleaning the oven. But, once you’ve given the fridge a good clean, organise it with some storage boxes. Good for keeping produce separate and organised (by meal if you’re next level organised!) and for keeping the fridge looking tidy. You could add labels to the boxes and allocate them for family members for packed lunches, if you fancy.

Orthex SmartStore compact clear storage, from £1.45, Homebase.

Get organised in the bathroom

8. Create a bathroom display

Get that hotel spa feeling at home by having nicely folded towels, candles and pamper night essentials close to hand. Not only will a nice shelf (wide or narrow) provide ample storage whatever size your bathroom, it’ll add interest to your scheme too as you curate what to put on display. Add baskets to hide supplies of toilet roll, bleach and for used flannels.

I love this String shelf. Totally customisable, add shelf brackets in different sizes and configurtions, as well as hooks. Lovely.

9. Make a space for you

Everyone needs a little me time, right? Small storage can make a big difference to keeping things looking nicely put together, even on a window sill. Get a tray with matching jars and trinkets for your beauty supplies, shaving kit and jewellery. Add a candle or diffuser to up the pamper ante.

Harlequin Maritime blue storage jar, £49, Ella James.

Organise your bedroom

10. Finally get round to that gallery wall

Got prints propped up in corners or waiting to be framed? Yep, me too. Spend some time to perfect your display and clear out the clutter at the same time. Plus, the result will be a totally transformed wall in your bedroom, guaranteed to make you smile.

These prints are from the floral dusty pink gallery wall collection at Desenio.

11. Declutter your wardrobe

Along with sorting the kitchen cupboards, there’s so much joy to be had with a good clear out of the wardrobe. As seasons change, get your home organised and switch around your storage to have the clothes you’ll wear in easy reach and consider recycling or gifting anything you don’t need or want any more. If you’re in the market for a new closet, make sure to find one that can accommodate the clothes and shoes you have – by which I mean measuring your longest garments and counting your pairs of shoes to get a size and internal configuration that fits with your fashion habits.

Parquet brushed and glazed solid oak double wardrobe, £719.99, Oak Furniture Land.

Reclaim your home office

12. Make your office more homely

Add nice shelving, storage baskets, file boxes and stylish stationery holders to your new home office area and claim it as your new ‘my work space’ now the kids are back at school. If working from home is the new norm for you, make sure you invest time in making it somewhere you enjoy being in. Comfy and functional – a match made in WFH heaven.

Add a good-looking lamp to complete your home office scheme. Byron luxury cordless lamp, £2599, Alexander Joseph.

13. Start a schedule

Whether for work or for organising who is where and when, or even what’s for lunch and dinner, a wall planner that can be wiped clean each week is a good addition to any ‘get your home organised’ challenge. Forget boring paper planners you’d see in a corporate environment, go for something a bit more stylish.

Large glass wall planner in Rose Gold, £44.99, My Furniture.


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Get the kids’ rooms sorted

14. Make a fun workspace

Colour + pattern = fun, right? Go wild in your kids room and get them in on the task of sorting out their space. A backdrop of a cool painted mural is ideal for a homework spot and craft corner they’ll want to spend time in.

Chalk Paint mural by Lucy Tiffney using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Easel and crafting station in Antibes, chair in Florence and Giverny, floorboards in Old White.

15. Organise the kids’ rooms

Boxes and shelving are your friends when it comes to organising a space for your little ones. Ask them to help you find a place for everything and add labels so everyone knows where to tidy things up into at the end of the day.

Furniture by Go Modern.

16. Sort your next project

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Featured image: Orthex at Homebase.

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