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Smart home kitchen on your wish list? I understand: we all like products that simplify our lives, and my kitchen is also full of handy tech devices. So I’ve done a round-up of 10 of the best smart home kitchen products available right now, from appliances to gadgets.

Smart home kitchen products are on our radar right now, because who doesn’t like a bit of handy tech? Here’s my list, in no particular order, of ten products I think you’ll also love.

The cooker hood that protects you from unsafe air

Firstly in our smart home kitchen round-up, it’s a stylish cooker hood with a 21.5” monitor – fancy! Its sleek black metallic glass hood also features an Air Quality Sensor which monitors VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), air temperature and humidity. It’s designed to activate automatically when unsafe levels are detected, filtering out VOCs and restoring fresh air. The hood gives you up-to-date air quality information via the Franke Cloud app and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. And not only that: it also features a built-in web browser, camera connection and a 24-hour ventilation option. What more could you want from a smart home kitchen cooker hood?!

a smart home kitchen
AQ Sense Monitor cooker hood, £3852, Franke.
The fridge freezer you can see inside without opening the door

Secondly in our smart home kitchen round-up: ever wanted to look inside your fridge without opening the door and letting out cold air? Now you can with LG’s latest fridge freezer range, via a transparent InstaView™ glass panel. The range’s technology works to keep food fresher for longer by decreasing temperature fluctuations and saving more energy. The fridge’s UVnano™ tech also uses ultraviolet light to protect the water dispenser tap from potentially harmful germs, operating once every hour to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria – without you needing to do a thing. And as with many smart home kitchen products, you can choose to receive push notifications to your phone – in this instance, telling you if the door’s been left open.

fridge freezer
InstaView ThinQ GSXV91BSAE fridge freezer, £1999.98, LG.
The smart Task Bar which is built into your kitchen

Scavolini has collabed together with leading architect Fabio Novembre to create Dandy Plus. Amazon Alexa is built into a Task Bar, which is secured to the wall as part of the kitchen set up. The sleek aluminium profile houses a smart speaker through which users can control appliances, their music, lights – or any other compatible devices. There are also plug sockets and USB ports for convenient charging. In addition, the Task Bar can house a range of accessories, such as shelves and containers. Nifty.

a smart home kitchen
The bridge element of the Dandy Plus design is shown here in Pure White, with Coal Oak veneer units and Mustard Yellow matt lacquer sideboard. The Task Bar runs under the textured Flint Grey melamine wall units. Price on application, Scavolini.
The dishwasher that even handles food that’s baked on or burnt

Many dishwashers can’t deal with food that’s baked on or burnt. But Neff’s Chef 70°C programme means its dishwashers aren’t among them, and are therefore perfect for any smart home kitchen. You can use it for pots, pans, casseroles and resilient tableware, and watch in awe as the higher temperatures and more powerful sprays dispatch even the most stubborn residues. The S155HVX15G N50 also has a handy InfoLight: it projects a red light onto the floor to show the dishwasher’s in action. Then there are its six programmes including Extra Speed, which tackles the load three times faster, reducing the appliance’s running time by 66%. So you can get those dishes sparkling clean much more quickly.

neff dishwasher
S155HVX15G N50 integrated full size dishwasher, £559.99, Neff.
The washing machine that automatically doses the exact amount of detergent you need

Fancy ‘precision detergent dosing’? We say yes please, and the iDos function on this washing machine does just that, so you don’t waste detergent and save on surplus rinsing. Then there’s Home Connect, which lets you control it from your smartphone, which you can also do on the heat pump tumble dryer (pictured here in a smart home kitchen). Both also have multiple programmes so you can select the correct ones for your laundry, plus the tumble dryer automatically senses when your load is dry. It also protects your clothing, thanks to its automatic fluff-cleaning condenser. Is there anything these machines can’t do?!

smart home kitchen washing machine and tumble dryer
The WAU28PH9GB Serie 6 washing machine, £779, and WTWH7660GB Serie 6 heat pump tumble dryer, £869, both Bosch.
The smart speaker which will play music, provide weather updates and much more

Fancy playing calming music in your smart home kitchen as you prepare dinner? Welcome to the Audio Pro G10. It has multiroom capabilities so you can use Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast or the Audio Pro app to start off your playlist in a different room, on a different speaker, before heading to the kitchen with the G10.  It also has Google Assistant, which is useful for weather updates, news alerts, checking your calendar and other time-saving commands. Oh, and it also comes in both white and grey, so will suit most home decor schemes. 

portable speaker
G10 smart speaker, £250, Audio Pro.
The light you can activate with your voice

Always wanted to turn on the lights with a simple command? Then the Ensis pendant’s up and down lights are definitely for you. You can also turn it on with a dedicated app. The pendant makes it simple to combine functional and ambient light, while its slim design will suit any modern decor scheme. It works as a standalone light or, if you buy the Hue Bridge, as part of an entire smart lighting system.

smart home kitchen light
Ensis light, £374.99, Philips Hue.
The fire where you control the colour and brightness with an app

Is there a sleeker, more luxurious and hi-tech image than the one below? Behold: a modern bespoke media wall installation featuring a smart fire with itronic technology in a smart home kitchen diner. Two metres wide, it features a high definition, hand crafted ceramic log fuel bed. Of course, you can control its colour and brightness from an app on smartphone, tablet or even smart watch, though a dedicated LCD handset is also supplied. You also have a choice of either Forest or Silver Birch log beds. So luxe.

fire with itronic technology
The SLE200 fire with itronic technology, £2299, Solution Fires.
The camera which lets you check on your kids and pets

Then we have this tiny indoor camera, which will allow you to check on your family or pets. Whether you’re out of the house or just in another room, the C6 2K+ can automatically zoom in up to 4 times to follow a moving object and has 360° panoramic view. It can also track high-speed activity, while fast movements won’t appear blurry in the camera’s vision. The camera also has safe video storage, enabling you to secure your unforgettable memories on a local SD card.  In addition, the camera notifies you in an emergency and can alert you when the noise level suddenly changes. Overall, it’s excellent for giving you peace of mind.

smart home kitchen camera
C6 AI smart camera, £89.99, EZVIZ.
The wifi-enabled radiator you can control with your phone

Lastly, this practical electric-only radiator has both wifi and Bluetooth capability, so you control it with your smartphone. Available in two vertical and four horizontal models and in Matt White and Matt Anthracite, it uses an avant-garde new stone/resin compound as the agent for transferring heat throughout the radiator. This means faster heat up times and no cold spots. And if you don’t fancy using your phone, it also has a dedicated remote control.

smart home kitchen radiator
Vela electric wifi radiator, from £953.22, The Radiator Centre.

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