Add layers to your kitchen lighting using virtual reality

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When designing a new kitchen, there’s lots to think about – cabinetry, appliances, picking tiles and worktops.

Ensuring you add layers to your kitchen lighting scheme is just as important. In general, illumination is something you should definitely take into account right from the start.

It’s a way to add depth to your layout and create a well-rounded kitchen that works for every occasion. That’s from food preparation to after-dinner drinks. This is true whether you’re working with a compact room or a generous, newly extended open-plan scheme.

Luckily, 4D Virtual Reality (VR) is here to help you get it right – so you are prepared for any event.  

Virtual Worlds October kitchen lighting

Add layers of plinth kitchen lighting for an ambient glow

A unique (and often overlooked) opportunity to add illumination to your kitchen is to add LED lights to your plinths.

This will create a soft wash down onto the floor. This is great for creating a cosy atmosphere when hosting friends and family.

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Adding layers to your kitchen lighting is also an opportunity to showcase specific elements in your design. This can be an architectural feature or a striking flooring design. Or even kickboards in a different shade to the rest of your cabinetry.

It can have a big impact on your overall lighting scheme, too, by adding depth.

It’s not limited to dinner parties, either. In fact, plinth lighting can support more essential elements such as task illumination and make a scheme feel less stark, even when you’re working.  

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Experience your illumination before you buy

Once you’ve created your kitchen, VR can help you get an idea of what the layers in your kitchen lighting will look like.

The key to a successful scheme is to mix all types of lighting. This includes plinth illumination, but also focused task lighting – to ensure you see the food you’re preparing – and decorative solutions, such as pendants over an island.

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Virtual Worlds kitchen lighting

VR allows you to experience the layers in your kitchen lighting different settings, plus you can mix task, ambient and decorative lighting or see them individually.

It can also simulate the progression from day to night, before you commit to a set scheme. And if an aspect doesn’t quite work, your designer can amend it right there and then – helping you find the ideal solution.

See the layers in your kitchen lighting in 4D 

More than 300 showrooms use Virtual Worlds 4D VR technology. Arrange a visit to your local retailer who has Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre and talk to a designer about your plans, so they can draw up a layout.

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